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May 4, 2018
by Nikki

Big Sound with Wonderboom by Ultimate Ears




The Wonderboom has been amazing to have since we got it. Since it’s small we take it with us everywhere. We all have it connected to our phones to use it when we want to. Which you can actually pair up to 8 devices through Bluetooth. This really helps us a lot because our family loves to listen to our music for whatever we’re doing. Whenever my family is doing chores around the house, we like to listen to music so we aren’t distracted by watching tv or anything else. All we have to do is turn the speaker on, connect our phones by bluetooth, and play any of our playlists.

Since the speaker will hook up to multiple devices at a time, we decided to test it out; it will play from two devices at a time and I think this is seriously cool. The speaker has 360 degree sound which makes the sound louder no matter where you are in the room. This is really great because when you’re cleaning, you’re always moving around the room and with other speakers, when you move around the room, they have blind spots where the music is a lot quieter than it is with the Wonderboom.

Another great thing about the Wonderboom is that you can take your device up to 100 ft away before the audio starts to cut out. This is great because while you’re cleaning or doing any other activity, you can keep your phone or other device with you so you are able to reply to texts or change your music. My family absolutely loves this speaker and we take it everywhere; I’ll just throw it in my bag so we can take it on walks in the park or soccer games or anything else we would need it for. The really big thing about this speaker is that it is waterproof so we can have it outside when it rains, in the pool, or even if one of my little ones were to drop in in a puddle and it would be okay. I know we absolutely love this speaker and we know your family will too.

May 4, 2018
by Nikki

2 Great Toddler Counting Board Books

Board Books


I am a huge fan of getting books for my kids. Having 3 under the age 6 I am building up quite a library for all of them. Silver Dolphin Press has sent us another book to add to our collection that we have enjoyed reading already over and over!

Such an adorable bedtime book that also can teach counting. This 24 page board book is perfect for the 3+ year old in your life. Mommies 10 owlettes are playing with each other happily in a tree when she comes and tells them it’s time for bed. Go through the pages and as each owl flies down to the nest to be with mommy for bed. At the end of the book all her owlettes are cuddled in the nest sleeping comfortably. Spot the ornery owls throughout the book as the illustrator has cut the pages out around several of them.


Join the Sesame Street gang along with Ernie counting to five. This fun counting book starts with Ernie and his 5 rubber duckies and as they go on adventures they count down from 5. I love that each page has the ability to touch and trace the numbers with your finger. Also on the front of the book is a row of plastic rubber duckies that have the sliding capability so that you can help teach counting. This book is great for young learners around 3-5 years old. My daughters love this book and I feel ok giving it to them knowing they won’t rip the pages.

April 28, 2018
by Nikki

Peppa Pig – Lights ‘n’ Sounds Family Home

Lights ‘n’ Sounds Family Home


My kids just love Peppa Pig, especially my 3 year old daughter! We have to watch Peppa before bed and even read out of our Peppa Pig 5 minute story book. We are even starting to acquire quite a Peppa Pig toy collection. When Jazwares approached me to review the Peppa Pig  – Lights ‘n’ Sounds Family Home I was super stoked and knew this would be a great addition to their collection.

When our new Peppa Pig home arrived, the box it came in was huge! My daughter bugged me to open it, wondering if there was a surprise inside for her. As we were opening it up to see there was a 4 floor Peppa house- her excitement was uncontrollable! I really wish that I would have gotten it on video.

The 22″ Lights ‘n’ Family Home is full of fun and sure to give your little ones hours of fun. With 4 floors, 7 room and 13 all new never before seen accessories. When Peppa, friends and family walk into the house the mat switches on the living room light, and says phrases and sounds.  Also on the lawn is the famous “Muddy Puddle”, jump on in to hear the song. The steps come down to get into the attic to go check out the telescope.


  • Peppa, George, and Zoe Zebra figures

  • Telescope

  • Computer Table

  • Office Chair

  • Double Bed

  • Bedroom Mirror

  • Tub

  • Toilet

  • Bunk Beds

  • Couch

  • 2 Dining Chairs

  • Dining Table

  • Refrigerator

From the time we have had our home, my daughter has played with it daily, sometimes for hours at at time. She likes that she can incorporate accessories from other Peppa Pig play sets.  She develops little Peppa towns with all her toys and the Lights ‘n’ Sounds Home is a great addition!

About (taken from website): Headquartered in Sunrise, Florida, Jazwares has been committed to creating quality products that push the boundaries of product design since 1997.

April 28, 2018
by Nikki

ikiki Shoes



I have a 10 month old who I started to look for shoes for. I learned quick with my older kids not to wait until they NEEDED to wear shoes to start putting them in shoes. As I was searching the internet I found a cute website that sells only for toddlers! I found ikiki and knew that I just had to have a pair for my little Rina. They were so kind to send us a pair of our choice for a review. and they are even more adorable in person!

Dr. Owlivia Hoot™ are the pair that we picked out for her. When we ordered them she was only cruising around the furniture, but quickly started to take steps! I remember years ago at one of my kids sports games a little girl was running around and every step she took her shoes squeaked! I thought that was the best invention ever, because you always heard your baby. Besides the absolute adorable look of the shoes, they also have the squeakers that I love so much. If the squeaker gets to be too much you have the ability to turn them off. She knows when she has them on because she jumps to make them squeak, it’s so cute! Each shoe has a high top and Velcro closure for easy on and off. The fabric is breathable and roomy to help with growing feet. The soles are flexible and non-marking. And a little advice from ikiki- try  not to get the soaking wet, muddy or sandy as they can damage the reed that makes the squeaker squeak. And better yet ikiki shoes are animal friendly so that makes them Vegan!  Offered for both boys and girls sizes 4-11.

April 28, 2018
by Nikki

Great Start

As an active mom with lots going on I am always thinking about how to provide additional security for the children I love and care for. Recently, I was made aware of the Great Start® juvenile whole life insurance policies from Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company. According to their site (https://greatstartinsure.com/) they have been helping families in the U.S. with their insurance needs for over 80 years.

When I was researching life insurance policies for children, I found that Great Start provided me with a lot of education on the topic. It seems that insurance is most easy and cheaply applied for children when they are young and healthy. With Great Start, there is one rate for any child between the ages of birth and 24 years of age, and you can select policies that range from $10,000 to $30,000. The application process is quick and very straight-forward, and the questions they ask are only about the basic health of your child, their age and gender and what state you live in.

It seems to me that one of the key benefits is that when your child (or grandchild) turns 21, he or she becomes the owner of the policy and can choose to continue it for as long as he or she wants. That is a big advantage over purchasing life insurance for the first time when they are young adults.

Another big advantage is that your child will retain his or her policy even if they join the military. With so many children choosing careers in the armed services, this is clearly an incentive to get a whole life insurance policy early in life.

To learn more, you can visit their site at https://greatstartinsure.com/ to determine if juvenile life insurance is the right choice for your family.