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February 8, 2018
by Nikki

Pro Beauty Tools Curling Iron

Pro Beauty Tools


I’m always looking around for a new and good curling iron. My oldest daughter has super straight hair and has had to curl it on many occasions but her hair does not like to hold curl for anything. When I saw the PRO Beauty Tools Curling Iron, I knew she needed to try it. This curling iron gets up to 430 degrees and gets hot in just 30 seconds so even if it’s last minute before you leave the house that you decide you want to curl your hair, you will be able to do it more quickly. The iron promises a 24 hour curl lock and long lasting bouncy curls. Since my hair is already really curly, my daughter immediately took it to try it out for herself.

My daughter has extremely thick, straight hair so whenever she curls it it’s too heavy and will always fall and be straight again. When she first tried the iron, she didn’t use hairspray after to see just how long it would hold. The curls did end up staying until she went to bed that night but they weren’t as curly as they were when she did it. We did notice they did fall a little but other than that, they did stay for a pretty long time. The next time she tried it she used hairspray to keep them up even longer and that did seem to work except she didn’t like how crunchy the hairspray made her hair feel. We were both super impressed about how long they did stay in without the hairspray and she has said that she will use it and not use hairspray from now on so that her hair looks soft and bouncy because she knows it will last for whatever she will be doing that day.  I have always loved PRO Beauty Tools products and I know I will be looking at even more of these since I know they work so well. Even if you aren’t super into doing your hair every day, it’s nice to just have a few hair tools around so if you were needing to go somewhere nice, you have the tools to make even your hair look as good as you!

About taken from website: The PRO Beauty Tools 1″ Professional 24K Gold Curling Iron is a professional performance curling iron is designed to help you STYLE LIKE A PRO to deliver long-lasting salon curls. Its 1″ barrel creates bouncy curls and waves with 24K Gold plating to deliver advanced heat technology for instant results, reduced frizz, and 24-hour curl lock. Multiple heat settings reach high heat up to 430°F, offering customized styling for all hair types, and the Fast Heat Recovery System ensures optimum heat levels for consistent performance, so that your last curl is as good as your first.

February 4, 2018
by Nikki

Revlon Heat Perfect Straight Flat Iron



I have super curly hair and it’s very thick, too! I opt to not do my hair 90% of the time because it takes me forever! I have spent so much much money on hair products, blow dryers and straighteners that claim to help hair textures like mine. Even tried to get advice from professionals. I just hear, “Buy this” “Do this” But no matter how many hair tools I get I cannot get my hair to look good for more than a few hours! I was very fortunate to review the New Revlon Heat Perfect Straight Smooth Brilliance Flat Iron.

 This Revlon Flat Iron is by far the BEST that I have owned.  The Advanced Ionic Tourmaline 3X Ceramic Coated plates are extra long to help cover more hair. This iron allows for you to either flatten or create loose waves. The heat up time is incredibly quick at only 15 seconds! There is 10 customizable heat settings with light up color coded variables and heats up to 455 degrees! If you forget to turn it off, no worries, after 60 minutes it will turn itself off. I really like that when you are done with your hair you can put your flat iron away safely by locking it closed.

I didn’t have a lot of expectations when trying out the new flat iron. I figured that it would be just like every other one I have used in the past. But this was so different! The plates were so smooth; they didn’t pull my hair at all. I use straightener spray to help not only keep it straight but also protect it from the heat and it really seem to react great to my flat iron. What I mean is, it didn’t make my hair hard or feel like it was fried to another dimension. I even had my oldest daughter come over and help me and she said she REALLY liked it too!! I am so glad that I got to try it out.


January 25, 2018
by Nikki

Purell Review from Shoplet




Since I have so many kids running around my house, whether they be my own or their friends, there is always the possibility of germs and spreading sickness. Even though I teach my kids to wash their hands constantly- they still slip through my grip. And let’s get real- kids can be just plain gross! I had the opportunity to work with Shoplet on a Purell opp and I’m so happy with what I received. I got a lot of travel hand sanitizers with jelly wraps, 3 hand soaps, and disinfectant spray.

Purell Advanced Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel

 Filled with 25 1 ounce bottles with the silicone jelly wrap. Clip it to anything for on the go sanitizing. Came in colors pink, purple and blue. 99.9% of most common germs that cause illness. With all of my little ones in the house, I try to keep it as clean as I can so I don’t have to worry about any of us getting sick. Usually if one gets sick we all get sick!  I put the travel hand sanitizer on my sons’ bookbags, my husband’s bookbag, my purse, and the diaper bag; my 3 year old also carries a bag around with her at times and I made sure to put one on there as well.

Purell Healthy Soap

I received 3 bottles of healthy soaps from Purell in the scents of fresh botanicals, clean and fresh & soothing cucumber. Each in a 12 ounce bottle it is a specially formulated mild lotion soap. And also supports the skins natural ability to protect against germs & dirt. I have already replaced my standard hand soaps with Purell Healthy Soaps. The ones that went in the bathroom and kitchen are already almost gone! I gave my oldest daughter one and she has already came back asking if I had anymore.  I have trusted Purell for years and no matter what I get, they always amaze me.

Purell Professional Surface Disinfectant

Comes in a 23 ounce spray bottle in citrus scent. This spray is great for any surface where food comes in contact. I use and spray my kitchen down after I clean it. No wiping necessary. No need to wear gloves or a facemask because there is no harmful fumes in this disinfectant! Also can be used on most hard and soft surfaces. Using the Purell Professional Surface Disinfectant Spray kill 22 germs in 30 seconds.



January 24, 2018
by Nikki

SinfulColors & Vanessa Hudgens

Sinful Colors


I absolutely love Sinful Colors nail color and was super excited when I found out that they had partnered up with Vanessa Hudgens for a new line of cosmetics! With all of her favorite products wrapped up in one bundle that was released on her birthday to Amazon only, they will begin to roll out the rest of the collection in January 2018 in select retailers. Sinful Colors are planning on releasing over 100 cosmetics to the new line. These colors are great to wear together or even separately!

DIVA LASH: This bold color mascara will give your look a pop of color. This specific color is “Lash Splash” a very bright blue. It is a very beautiful color and will even show up on my black eyelashes.

STOP & STARE: Also in this blue shade is a gel eyeliner. I am used to using pencil liners but love how smooth this glided on my lid.

CREAM EYE SHADOW: Shady Baby eye shadow in a duo color combo in lilac (tempting) and blue (alluring). I absolutely love these colors together. They are a metallic color as well. I also love how smooth they brush onto my skin and dry quick being a cream.

BOLD BROW: Add a little pop of color to your brow line with this duo color combo. This bold brow has two beautiful colors that are very light with a hint of glitter; magenta (stormy) and turquoise (fierce). The brush is fine for a little more precise drawing. Just like the eye shadow, it for cremes they are smooth to brush on ad quick drying. When I wiped them off, all I had to do was use a wipe or soap & water.

I am very excited to see the rest of Vanessa Hudgens line when it starts to hit the shelves soon. If you would like to purchase this bundle click this link HERE (affiliate link).

January 17, 2018
by Nikki

Kair Bath Visor for Kids



I have 3 very small kids under the age of 6 and only the baby who is 7 months doesn’t mind taking baths and getting her head wet and hair washed. Something over the years of the older 2 kids made them hate water in their faces. I have tried everything to get them to take showers to help save water but it doesn’t help. Even when they take a bath I have to lay them down in the tub and refill up the whole tub with clean water (such a waste of water) and then still cover their eyes with dry washcloths to keep the water out of their eyes. If it gets wet then I have to get another. I am so happy that I found Kair.com that offers many products to help make bath time quicker and so much smoother.

The first product that I got was the Kair Air Cushioned Bath Visor in blue. It is designed for one of two reasons; one so that as you are washing your child’s hair the water and soap stays out of their face and eyes. And/or two your child can learn to wash their own hair with the visor on at a young age without being afraid of the soap and water. My daughter who is 2, has yet to warm up to the visor but we keep trying and my 6 year old son thinks that it is the coolest thing since sliced bread! My next step is to get him out of the tub and into a shower! 

The next product is the Rinse Cup with Showerhead Lid in Blue. This is a simple cup with a little added touch with a lid with the ability to separate the water so it doesn’t all get dumped on your child’s head. It’s like a portable shower head for kids! The only downfall with this cup is the lid is very hard to put on so I use it a lot without it.

I really like my new products for the kids; I just hope that my daughter learns to love the visor as much as I do!