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February 26, 2019
by Sierra Adams

Wiskware Pancake Art Kit

Pancake Art Kit

My kids love it when we make breakfast for them in the morning because they get bored every morning with just the same bowl of cereal. My kids are constantly asking for pancakes and we were looking for new ways to make breakfast fun. When we saw that Blender Bottle now makes Whiskware, we knew we had to check it out! We received a Pancake Art Kit and an extra Pancake Shaper. We have seen so many pancake art videos on YouTube and my kids are constantly asking me and my husband to try and make different shapes and animals out of their pancakes so with these products, we can finally try it out!

The Pancake Art Kit from Whiskware comes with two pancake shapers, a pancake art bottle, and a batter mixer bottle. The two shapers that came with the kit are a dinosaur and a person and the extra shaper we got is a unicorn! The first thing we tried to do it just make a normal pancake to use the batter mixer to see how it works. With this mixer, all you have to do is put your ingredients in and shake it up! The ball on the inside makes it easy to get the batter all mixed on the inside and the easy pour spout makes it extremely easy to get the batter into the pan without making a mess.

After making normal pancakes, we decided to kick it up a notch and use the shapers. My son loves dinosaurs so we made dinosaur shaped pancakes for him and then switched to unicorn shaped pancakes for the girls. I was thinking about using the person shape as sort of a dessert pancake and decorating it with icing and sprinkles but definitely not for breakfast! I tried my hand at the pancake art with the bottle but let’s just say I need a little bit more practice with that part of it! My entire family loves these because it makes breakfast fun and easy! I love Blender Bottle and now I love their Whiskware and will definitely be looking at more of these products!

About (taken from website): In 2000, Steve and Kim Sorensen took a simple piece of wire, purchased at a hardware store, and formed the original BlenderBall® wire whisk. Always entrepreneurial, they saw beyond the simple ball, recognizing its potential to revolutionize the way supplements are mixed and consumed. The vision that started as a home-based business quickly evolved, and is now a team of some of the best designers and engineers in the world. It didn’t happen through elaborate marketing efforts. Quite simply, BlenderBottle became a worldwide brand because our products work.

February 18, 2019
by Sierra Adams

The Masked Singer – Peacock Week 4

Peacock- Week 4


  • Loves the spotlight
  • Walked onto the stage for the first time at 5 years old
  • From that day on, he was hooked
  • Plays the piano
  • Magic/Cards
  • Putting on a show in his DNA
  • Been a while since moms had his poster on their bedroom walls
  • Dear friend Michael Jackson
  • Reinventing himself as someone no one has seen before
  • Dog
  • “Never too late for this showman to make a comeback”
  • A lot of different incarnations of his career
  • Everyone thinks they know him
  • Bodyguards behind him marching
  • Started out as a teeniebopper
  • More than meets the eye
  • Was in dramatic roles
  • Black and white pictures of fans
  • Afraid of heights
  • Without the mask, everyone recognizes him and wants to chat.
  • It’s like his entire career disappeared into thin air
  • 176 pounds
  • Rainbow flag
  • Rides into the competition masked and ready for battle
  • Winning would mean everything to him
  • His opponents better step up their game because he is.
  • Has been getting fan mail since he was young
  • Started as a showbiz prodigy
  • Has lead him down different magical paths
  • The book he is writing his note on says pH.D
  • Performed on stages, screen, and hosted award shows.
  • Fans all over the world including knights, kings, and queens.
  • “A big yay”
  • He wants it badly


  • ‘The Greatest Show’ from The Greatest Showman
  • ‘Counting Stars’ by One Republic
  • ‘All of Me’ by John Legend
  • ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ by The Weeknd


  • 5’9″

Clues from the Judges:

  • Has performed in a magic act
  • Has performed in Vegas

Physical Clue:

  • Wig: “This wig sent me to jail.”

Moment of Truth:

  • Someone has a tattoo of his face on their body.

Our Guesses:

Neil Patrick Harris:

  • Neil is always on stage so he would love the spotlight. He was also a child actor so he’s been in showbiz for a very long time. Neil also plays the piano and sang ‘Piano Man’ on an episode of Glee. He also loves magic and is known for loving magic; he was previously the President for the Board of Directors of Hollywood’s Magic Castle. Women who are moms now would have had his posters on their walls from him being Doogie Howser. Neil was also on the Lip Sync Battle Michael Jackson episode. Him and his family have a few dogs and at least one that they rescued. Neil has been on stage and on screen as many different characters and specifically recently as Count Olaf in Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events where he dresses as different characters or “incarnations.” When the bodyguards were marching behind him, it could be a nod at the Doogie Howser episode ‘When Doogie Comes Marching Home.’ With the “more than meets the eye” clue, it could be a nod toward his Count Olaf character as he has an eye tattoo on his ankle and there is a lot of eye symbolism in the show. Neil has also been in a lot of dramatic roles whether it be on screen or on stage. He also faced a fear of heights with Reese Witherspoon. Everyone would know who he is because of everything he has been in and still is in, he has things for everyone. With the rainbow flag, everyone knows Neil is gay so it is no surprise he would show the rainbow flag. If you search ‘Neil Patrick Harris Ready for Battle’ you find a YouTube video where he is just playing with little army men. In Doogie Howser, he played a teen prodigy doctor. He has also hosted many award shows. The fans around the world that are kings and queens could mean drag kings and drag queens. Neil has also performed many magic acts and has performed in Vegas. With the wig, it could mean about Wigstock 2018 where Neil attended and performed as Hedwig from his musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch. And of course there is a fan who has Neil’s face on their body.

Joey Lawrence:

  • Has performed since he was 5; his start was in a Cracker Jack commercial. He performed in a Chippendale’s show in Vegas. He has performed in shows onstage. He comes from a performing family and has been in tv shows and movies with his brothers. The dog could mean Oliver and Company where he did a voiceover as Oliver; he was also in Sk8 Dog. All moms would have had a poster of him on their walls because he was and still is very good looking. He was also a teenage heartthrob in Blossom. Michael Jackson is one of his biggest inspirations in music.

Alfonso Ribeiro:

  • He has been performing since he was young. He dressed as the Peacock mascot on Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He and Michael Jackson were in a Pepsi commercial when he was younger; he was a “Young Michael Jackson.” He hasn’t been doing much performing so this could be his comeback. The way the Peacock sings matches Alfonso’s liquid “u” sounds.

The Internet’s Best Guesses:

  • Donny Osmond
  • David Hasselhoff
  • Hugh Jackman
  • Macaulay Culkin

Do you have an idea who the Peacock could be? Did we miss any clues? Leave me  comment! * Nikki & Sierra

February 13, 2019
by Nikki

Teaser Trailer for Frozen 2 #Frozen2

Frozen 2 Teaser

From the Academy Award®-winning team—directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, and producer Peter Del Vecho—and featuring the voices of Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad, and the music of Oscar®-winning songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Frozen 2” opens in U.S. theaters on Nov. 22, 2019.

Check out the new teaser trailer from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Frozen 2.”

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DisneyFrozen/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/disneyfrozen/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DisneyFrozen

February 13, 2019
by Sierra Adams

Harry Potter Games from Pressman Toys

Pressman Toys


Having a family who love Harry Potter, shopping can be very easy. My family also big on having game nights so when I saw that Pressman Toys has Harry Potter board games, I knew I had to get them. Pressman has come out with two Harry Potter board games; the Harry Potter Magical Beasts and the Harry Potter Tri-Wizard Maze. Both of these games are 2-4 players but the Magical Beasts game is ages 8 and up and the Tri-Wizard Maze game is ages 5 and up.

We decided to have a game night with my eldest daughter, the 18 year old boy, and the 8 year old boy since he is able to play both and myself. The first one we played was the Harry Potter Tri-Wizard Maze game since we knew it wasn’t going to be a long game. This game is like a mix between Trouble and Sorry; it takes the best part of both games and puts it together. Each player chooses a color based on the character from the Tri-Wizard tournament and then you start to play. Each player takes a turn to play and pick up a card when prompted and the first player to get all four of their pieces in their home spots wins! We had a lot of fun playing this game and even played a few rounds because it didn’t take too long and everyone loved it that much!

After we played that game, we played the other one which is basically Clue with a twist. Each player chooses a character and a spot to start on and takes turn rolling the dice trying to get as many cards as they can to make a match with one of the beasts on their main card. Everyone has the same card and when they land on a spot signifying one of four decks of cards, they can either take one from the top of the corresponding pile or can steal that card from another person. There is a special side on the die though that means it’s time to flip the board to the other side and play from there until another person rolls that symbol and it flips to the other side. The first person to get all four categories to match one of the beasts wins. We really liked this game too because we are a really competitive family who love to play games with each other and be the best. I know my kids loved these games and that my oldest childrens’ significant others liked them too because I caught the four of them playing together on multiple occasions. In conclusion, we love these games and will definitely be looking at more Pressman Toy games and toys in the future!

About (taken from website): Since 1922, Pressman Toy has been entertaining families for generations – from making Chinese Checkers into a craze that swept the nation in the 1920s to creating timeless classics such as Rummikub®, Tri-Ominos®, and Mastermind®. Pressman’s goal has been to empower the leaders of tomorrow to dream, learn, and grow through its innovative products. Pressman’s culture of passion and creativity has been instilled since its origin. The company was the first to offer a toy doctor’s bag, designed to help children feel more at ease with visits to the doctor. Overall, Pressman is committed to providing fun, exciting toys and games that allow kids and families to explore their imagination, form relationships, stimulate growth, enrich developmental skills, create quality time, and bring generations together.

February 12, 2019
by Nikki

Positive Art

Positive Art


My oldest son and I love to draw, color and bullet journal. We are always looking for new products to add to our collection. The writing/drawing/coloring tools that Positive Art sent me to review made me very happy and excited to use in my favorite adult coloring book plus I immediately did a few pages in my bujo. Positive art created their products because of how popular adult coloring has become over the last few years. It’s such a great way to relieve stress and for adults to be creative and just.. color!

120 bold and vibrant colors that are all unique in colors. The fine point ink have longer lasting ink wells than before and are acid-free and non-toxic. They include neon, metallic, glitter, standard and pastel color gel pens that are perfect for adults and children. We love our pens that we got for review. We use them from coloring in our bujos, our coloring books, drawing, writing letters, and even the kids like to use them, too. I haven’t found one yet that has been dried up or wrote bad!

60 unique and bold colors in a metal carrying case. Comes in a wide range of colors that are non-toxic and acid free. The tip is a super fine 0.4 mm which is great for coloring, writing and designing. Use these water-based fineliner pens for coloring pages, finishing up details in drawings, and adding special touches to an activity or art project. I love the thin lines that these create for my bujo. Not to mention my son loves to detail his artwork with the fineliner pens. I love that they come in a nice metal case and individual slots for the pens, because they are easy carry around, and if you are missing a pen, you will know it.

About (taking from website): Whether you’re more into oil painting that filling a scrapbook; if you prefer sculpting over papier mache; or if you like tapestry work and upholstery rather than knitting sweaters, then Positive Art is the store for you. We offer the best names and brands in art supplies and equipment at incredibly attractive rates.