December 21, 2016
by Nikki

Super Doodle Gel Pens

Super Doodle




I have a slight obsession with pens. My family says that is my “collection”. I love colored pens, unique pens, and just anything actually. I have boxes of pens in my storage closet that I have collected over the years. PLUS my son and I love to color in adult coloring books and we have dozens. We don’t like using colored pencils because its too light and markers are too dark and bleed through to the other side. And I have been searching for the perfect gel pen made for adult coloring books. Super Doodle is that pen.


13 glitter, 11 neon glitter, 10 metallic, 6 classic, 6 neon, and 4 custom earth tones


13 standard glitter and 11 neon glitter gel inks


12 glitter, 10 metallic, 6 neon, and 6 pastel colors


I have used a lot of different brands of gel pens before for drawing, coloring, and even writing and the biggest problem that I have is when I draw a line it almost skips. So, getting pens from Super Doodle I was really hoping that I didn’t have the same issue knowing I wanted to color in my adult coloring books. I was so pleased to find out that they were absolutely perfect! The colors are bold and shiny on the paper. The glitter is absolutely beautiful. Above in the photo I just colored a few pieces of a picture just to show the brightness of the colors. Super Doodle pens are all non-toxic which is great for me having a young toddler who still sticks things in her mouth. Each pen has a comfort grip and a clip to attach to your notebook or coloring book. Also each set of pens has a convenient storage case to be able to take your pens on the go.

About (taken from website): “Hi there, my name is Hillary.  My husband, Jason, and I founded Super Doodle in 2015.  We created Super Doodle out of a mutual love for the Arts.  Jason, a doodler and art enthusiast all his life, went on to major in Art in college.  Always passionate about helping others, I graduated with a Masters in Counseling and later went on to become a Licensed Professional Counselor.  The combination of Jason’s passion for the visual arts and my interest in the benefits of art therapy was the motivating factor behind the formation of Super Doodle.  We are a family-owned business dedicated to creating high quality art and craft supplies.  We hope that you can come get creative with Super Doodle, unleash your inner child, and enjoy the many benefits of art and coloring!” 


December 21, 2016
by Nikki

Chef’s Vision Kitchen Knives

Chef’s Vision




Something I love to do with my kids is cook! We watch cooking shows all the time and love to recreate recipes we see people making and we love learning new things as we watch. One thing I’ve really been working on is knife cuts because of how pretty they look in the finished dishes. I have had the same kitchen knives for a while and have been looking for new ones to use but never know where to start. When I saw the Chef’s Vision knives, I thought they were the prettiest knives I’ve ever seen. Each knife has a different landscape on it that focuses on one color.


There are six different knives that will do different things. There is a bread knife, a paring knife, a utility knife, a santoku knife, a slicing knife, and a chefs knife. They are also razor sharp and dishwasher safe. I knew I had to use them soon after I got them so I made one of my families favorite dinners. I used the knives to cut up chicken, red potatoes, and broccoli. These are the sharpest knives I’ve ever used and they cut through the meat and vegetables so easily. These knives are so pretty and work so well. Though these are the only product from Chef’s Vision, but I know that it is well worth it. I highly recommend these to every “home cooks” and beyond!

About taken from Amazon: Chef’s Vision knives are GORGEOUS, any way you slice it. These superb knives display a world of beauty, while providing you with a world of total performance. Create amazing kitchen decor with colorful scenes from the world over, the ideal complement to any cutlery set. The perfect set to slice fruits, vegetables, cheese, meat, fish and bread. Is It Possible For A Knife Set That Looks This Good To Also Be The Sharpest Knives You’ve Ever Used?

December 20, 2016
by Nikki

Townleygirl Goodies Review




Having two daughters, it’s safe to say I know how to shop for girls. Townleygirl has so many accessories that your little one will absolutely love. They have makeup and hair accessories from old and new Disney movies, and even emojis! My youngest daughter is starting to let me put bows and other hair accessories in her hair. When I opened the box to see what I got from Townleygirl, I saw that it was all lip balms, hand sanitizers, and nail polish. One of my daughters is too old for this stuff and the other one is too young. I thought to myself, what do I do? And then I remembered I have nieces who are the perfect age for this stuff!



What we got was Disney Princess nail polish, Disney Tsum Tsum hand sanitizer, Disney Trolls lip balms and lipgloss, and The Secret Life Of Pets lip balms. All of their products are non toxic and they each come with something a little extra special. All of the products are super cute and whatever your girl is into, they have so many different brands. These products are super cute and I know I’ll be looking here for all the little girls in my life for Christmas and birthdays! No matter what your little girl likes, Towneygirl is the one place to go!


About taken from website: Founded in 1952, townleygirl is the leader in children’s cosmetics and hair accessories. Partnering with top-notch brands like Disney, Universal and DreamWorks, we not only create great products, but also some of the safest ones on the market. With products like sheer lip gloss and peelable nail polish, kids will have a fantastic time dressing up as their favorite characters, and parents will have an easy clean up when they are all done. townleygirl’s mission is to design and distribute safe, fun and high quality branded beauty products at affordable prices for children and preteen markets. We strive to be the category leader for both markets; offering relevant, compelling, and innovative beauty products that inspire imagination.

December 20, 2016
by Nikki

Iced Tea Maker Review

Iced Tea Maker




 My husband and I love sweet tea! We spend a lot of money going to McDonald’s sometimes two times a day getting large sweet teas. For many years I would make tea the old fashioned way on the stove. But the more kids I had, I guess the harder it got to stay on top of making it. I have had a name brand iced tea maker before but it wasn’t very good. So, I just never really used it; plus it didn’t make sweet tea. Finding the Back to Basics iced tea maker from Hamacher Schlemmer- made me want to give making another try.


My oldest daughter and I were really excited to give it a try and make us some sweet iced tea. After we read the instructions and got used to all the part on the machine, we were ready to make our first pitcher of tea. We were making sweet tea so we filled the sugar basket with a cup of sugar and the tea bag basket with 8 tea bags. The machine can be used with either tea bags or loose leaf tea. The glass pitcher has indications to let you know how much ice and water to use per brew. It makes 2 quarts of ice brewed tea in 10 minutes. The tea was perfect when we finally got to taste it! Right amount of sugar, and we put it on medium brew. I am so glad that we have this iced tea maker in my kitchen, especially since its going to save us a ton of money running to McDonald’s every day for sweet tea!