January 5, 2018
by Nikki

Fruit of the Loom and the “Just in Case Undies”

Fruit of the Loom

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Being a parent can be stressful and anyone can attest to that. We live a very busy and hectic lifestyle between work, school, and sports.  Having two little ones in underwear makes things easier so I don’t have to worry about diaper changes but my daughter is just learning how to go in the “big girl potty” so she will still have accidents now and again. Whenever we go out, I make sure to pack an extra pair or two of undies for my little ones just in case.

Whenever I am looking for new underwear for my kids or even me or my husband, one brand always comes to mind: Fruit of the Loom. These underwear are always last long and it’s a brand I’ve trusted for a long time. Not only are the underwear durable, they come in different colors and designs. The thing my daughter loves the most about her undies is the different designs on them; she even tries to match them to her outfit for the day.

Both of my sons are athletes so I’m always out either at practices or meets/games so I bring my diaper bag around with a few extra pairs of undies for my daughter and even my son because you never know what could happen no matter what age your kids are. They are so easy to carry around that even when it’s me and even one of my kids I can bring an extra pair with me to the store in case she has an accident. Fruit of the Loom is affordable and even have more things than just underwear; they also sell tshirts, sweatpants, and even sweatshirts. Whenever I see the Fruit of the Loom brand, I know right away that is what I’m going to get. My kids love the underwear and I love how affordable and reliable they are.

About taken from website: Fruit of the Loom was born in 1851 when brothers Benjamin and Robert Knight bought their first mill and started producing cotton cloth and textiles in Warwick, Rhode Island. In 1871, Fruit of the Loom® was registered as an official trademark, making it one of the world’s oldest brands — predating the invention of light bulbs, cars and telephones! Today, more than 160 years later, Fruit of the Loom is now a global underwear and casualwear business, employing more than 32,000 people worldwide. Our colorful T-shirts and underwear are known by consumers in all corners of the globe and our name is synonymous with providing quality, value and style. Staying true to our roots and close to our heritage, our collections are authentic, timeless and unmistakably Fruit of the Loom.

January 5, 2018
by Nikki

Play Smart Activity Workbooks

Play Smart




I am a stay at home mom so this gives me the opportunity for more one-on-one time with my children. It is very important to me that they keep learning even when school is out or even know more then they have to before the next school year. So far all of my older 3 children are very smart, my 6 year old is in kindergarten and was the only kid in his pre-k class that knew how to tie his shoes. He was already learning to spell and read before kindergarten. I find it rewarding to my children to keep workbooks in the house and in their busy bags for when we are on the go. It keeps their minds sharp- and keeps them busy. I found a company that has workbooks that are geared toward just the younger kids; preschool ages and under. These books focus on a variety of skills such as language, fine motor, critical thinking and early math. Each book covers a different skill and has activities focused on their age group.

My youngest daughter is 2 and is going to be 3 soon so the workbooks that I requested is the ages 2+ AND the 3+. In this paragraph I will discuss only the 2+ age books as a whole. This group of 3 books each has over 80 colorful stickers (including reward stickers) and a wipe-clean game board. Each one focusing on different activities. The first books activities helps build focus, problem solving, and social skills. With activities such as; picture puzzles, counting games ad art projects. The second book helps to enhance reasoning, vocabulary, and creativity. With activities such as; cutting and pasting, tracing, and matching game. The third to build decision-making and fine motor skills. With activities such as; tracing, drawing, matching games and mazes.

  This next group of 3 books is for the age group of 3+. Each book has over 80 colorful stickers (including reward stickers) and a wipe-clean game board in the back. The first book focuses on activities that enhances reasoning, vocabulary, and creativity. Activities such as; picture puzzles, drawing projects, and number games. The second book focuses on activities that boost decision making and fine motor skills. Activities such as; drawing, cutting, counting games and mazes. The third book has activities that build focus, problem solving, and social skills. Activities such as; picture puzzles, matching games, and art projects.

The age group for the 4+ is great for my son that just turned 6. He breezed by some of the activities but he had fun doing them nonetheless. These 3 books also have over 80 colorful stickers (including reward stickers) and a wipe-clean game board in the back of the book. The first books activities teach problem solving. early math, and pre-reading skills. With activities such as; picture puzzles, counting games, writing, and paper crafts. The second workbook enhances reasoning, vocabulary, and creativity. With activities such as; picture puzzles, number games, mazes and crafts. The third books activities promote focus, fine motor control, and school skills. With activities such as; mazes, connect the dots, and drawing & coloring (this is his favorite of the 3).

I am used to buying one book for each activity/subject so this is nice having them all in just a few books with some added activities. And a plus is that the kids really love doing them!

December 23, 2017
by Nikki

Christmas Toys from Tomy Toys




I have 3 little ones under the age of 6 so I always struggle what to get them all for Christmas. Even though they all seem to play with eachothers toys in the long run, I can’t get them toys together. I reached out to Tomy toys to review a few of their products since they have several toy brands. And they sent me toys for all of my kids which was amazing. Below is what they sent!


PETITE PALS ESCAPE IN THE FOREST PLAYSET- With Pokemon being around 2o-something years, even my youngest loves Pikachu! This adorable treehouse comes ready for you to decorate how you want. Comes with 3 figures to ride up the manual elevator and the swing which really swings! And also comes with several accessories to complete your treehouse vacation.


Foam Cone Factory– I have a daughter who literally is always in the tub, mostly plays. So I knew that this would the perfect toy for her! Just suction it to the bathtub walls, add a small amount of bubble bath and pull the handle and it will make “ice cream”! Hold the cones under the maker to make the ice cream cones and watch their imaginations grow. Comes with 3 cones and a pretend sprinkle shaker.


John Deere Mega Wheels Tractor Monster Treads- John Deere is always ready for anything but this little one is really ready! Push down on its cab and it makes noises and its tires pop out to make them ready to dig into the dirt more. Top it off, the wheels even light up as you drive! Any little boy would be in heaven to play with this amazing toy!


Repeat Petey– This adorable parrot will be the favorite of your little one! Anything that you say to it, he will remember. With textures, hidden crinkles, patterns, a hidden squeaker in his nose and he chimes when he is shaken. Repeat Petey will invite your little to explore all the different things he has to touch and hear.

December 23, 2017
by Nikki

Wise Foods- Ready to Eat Foods

Wise Foods




I suffer from severe anxiety which always gives me the fear that I will ever be prepared if something serious were to happen; whether it be little or even huge. Where would I even begin to start to prepare for such emergencies? I am always thinking and searching for such things on the “appending apocalypse” and neat doomsday prepping hacks, but the more I think about it I really don’t have anything set for my family of 7 even if a tornado hits, or as little as the power going out for 24 hours. I came across Wise Company and wanted to give them a try before I started purchasing food to store for my large family. Their shelf life is up to 25 years so I know that just in case I don’t need it, it won’t go bad tomorrow.


This pack of 16 servings of emergency food supply favorites from Wise, is the perfect meals for 1 person. Optimal food solutions for natural disasters & power outages, personal emergencies, camping & hiking, and quick everyday meals. Included in this sample box of customer favorites is 4 servings of Creamy Pasta & Veg Rotini, 4 servings of Tomato Basil Soup, 4 servings of Savory Stroganoff, and 4 servings of Cheesy Lasagna (1 pouch of each dinner, 4 total pouches). Easy to cook; only add water, heat (stove, oven, microwave or emergency heat source) and ready to eat in 15 minutes! Shelf life of these packets of food is 25 years! Like what this sample box tastes like, then you can buy larger portions on the website to feed your entire family. And on the side of the box is a checklist what is important to have in case of an emergency; which I find very useful! Wise Company has everything you could need to get prepared for that emergency you should be prepared for.