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September 19, 2018
by Nikki

Rocketbook Review



Being a writer, I go through a lot of notebooks, and honestly it can be a huge waste. It’s not only bad for my wallet but for the environment, too. I have been seeing many different companies that developed smart notebooks that scan onto your phone or computer. Rocketbook is just the company I have been looking for to get my work done.

Rocketbook:  This new inventive notebook is the new notebook of the digital era. This 32 page spiral notebook looks like a typical notebook but is so much more interesting. The Rocketbook Everlast is actually endlessly reusable and is able to connect to all of your favorite cloud services! * Google Drive * EverNote * Slack * DropBox * box * email * onenote * OneDrive * iMessage * iCloud

When you write on the pages from any of the Pilot Frixion line, your writing stays on the page like a normal pen. But with a little water on the cloth that comes with the notebook it erases like magic! Comes in black, red, dark blue and aqua.

I personally liked having this notebook around for my blogging because I was able to write down my tasks I needed to accomplish, writing ideas, and even start writing my reviews or articles while I am out on the go and don’t have my computer with me. I can either choose to scan it on my phone (as you see I did a sample above), or just erase it after I rewrote it on my laptop. I can see that a larger size would be a huge staple in schools with homework, writing quick notes or even just about anything that you can think of. My son said that he would draw in it and save his drawings on his phone or computer. There is just endless ideas how to use your new Rocketbook!


September 18, 2018
by Nikki

Happy National Cheeseburger Day with B-Lux and Kalahari

B-Lux Bar and Grill


When visiting our local Kalahari we always want to eat a nice sit down meal. Of course there are several walk up dining options inside the waterpark for a meal, snacks and drinks. But, nothing compares to grabbing a burger and fries from B-Lux Grill and Bar. Join them for National Cheeseburger Day and any time that you visit Sandusky Kalahari.

B-Lux is a family Grill and Bar inside your local Kalahari Resort that offers the latest crave in American-style, family friendly with locally sourced ingredients. Known for their deluxe burgers and thick milkshakes that are unique and out of this world! A few of our favorite burgers are the B-Lux Burger; American cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion. A choice of potato (shoestring fries, tater tots, or waffle fries). And my husbands favorite the Mushroom & Swiss Burger; Topped with roasted portobello and swiss fondue. We both LOVE the oreo milkshakes and when the mood strikes to get a “Hard Milkshake” I get the Oreo-A-Go-Go which is oreo cookies, chocolate sauce, bailey’s and kahlua.

Since football season is in full swing, B-Lux has NFL Sunday Ticket so that you can go in and enjoy a burger and beer while watching your favorite team! 

Newly added: Bugs Burrow

This new outdoor play area is designed just for kids! In a cute theme of loveable bugs your kids will sure to have fun splashing around.

** National Cheeseburger Day September 18th Only:  Buy an Adult Entree Burger at B-Lux on September 18, Get a Free Waterpark Day Pass to use on a future visit. For the first 500 guests only. Valid at Sandusky, Ohio Kalahari Only.

September 2, 2018
by Nikki

Games from Czech Games Edition

Czech Games Edition


My family and I love to take the time out a few nights a week to play board games. Even if its myself playing with one of the little kids, my oldest son and I, cards with my husband on his day off or even all of us as a big family. It’s a nice way to bring us together closer as a family and disconnect from our phones and video games. These games that Czech Games sent are for the grownups. Both games I have been wanting from BAM and decided to reach out to feature on the blog. They were kind enough to oblige.

Codenames Pictures: This is a game was pretty difficult to understand at first but once we got the hang of it, we had a bit of fun. It says that it can be played with 2 people, we found that to be a little more difficult and a little boring. So as my suggestion, play with at least 3.  Take the 2 stacks of black and white picture cards and place 20 of them in a 4×5 grid. Each team will pick 1 player to be a spymaster. The other members are the field operatives.The grid is were the field operatives can meet the agents. The key will tell you what agent goes on what picture by giving them clues. The game is won by getting the assassin card laid down or guessing all your cards. Like I said at first its a little difficult to understand. I have included a video to help understand the gameplay a little more.

That’s a Question: This is a really neat game and fun to play with a small or large group of friends. It’s all about learning more about each other! My oldest son and I played together just to learn about it for this blog post, but I really suggest playing with more than 4 players. Set up the board according to the rules, and deal out each player 5 answer cards. Each turn the player asks another player with an acorn a question (off the basic question card) and he/she has to use the answer cards to answer. Everyone else has to guess using their A B cards. The winner is the first squirrel to climb the mountain. I have also included a video to help you understand the gameplay.

Galaxy Trucker: Cute and sill story of a woman trucker who trucks through the galaxy with an alien to deliver sewer pipes. She just keeps getting caught in mayhem.


September 1, 2018
by Nikki

Family Game Night

Pressman Toy


This is a really neat game that plays on strategy alone. This game you can only play with 2 players, as one player is the codemaker and one the codebreaker. The codemaker uses the colored pegs at the end of the board (which is hidden by a flap) to make up a code. Then the codebreaker uses strategy and possibly a little bit of luck to break his code. I think it’s basically a process of elimination. After each turn, the codemaker will give the codebreaker clues with little key pegs. How to win is to break the code in the least amount of turns. All game pieces can be stored within the game board. For 2 players ages 8+. Game contents: * Decoding boards with built-in storage * 108 code pegs (6 different colors) * 30 key pegs * Complete instructions

Rummikub is a game of strategy and luck. It is quick moving and easy to learn. This game was easy for us to learn as I associated it with Rummy. Players take turns placing numbered tiles in runs (consecutive numbers of the same color, like 2, 3, 4 in red) and groups (three or more of the same number in different colors, like a red 9, a blue 9, and a black 9). This special version features tiles with large numbers and a wooden case. Be the first player to play every tile on your rack to win. Game Contents: * Special edition wood storage case * 106 high quality, durable rummikub tiles * 4 sturdy wooden racks * Complete instructions

This has became a family favorite as we sit and play almost every night for hours. Use the cards from your hand to place chips on the corresponding spaces on the board. When you get 5 in a row, its sequence! The more you play the more you will learn how to block, and use your chips as an advantage for yourself to win and keep your opponent from winning.The jacks are wild, to either place an extra chip or remove your opponents chip. You can play 2-12 players ages 7+. Game contents: * Folding game board * Sequence playing card * 135 sequence playing chips * Game instructions


September 1, 2018
by Nikki

Blind Bags from Bulls i Toy

Bulls i toy


My kids love to open blind bags. I don’t remember if there were blind bags when my older kids were little but now with my younger kids everything comes in a blind bag! In this first set of blind bags comes from the Skull Series of the Squish ‘Ums, they are the slow rising foam in the shape of Sugar Skulls. With having a little girl who’s just getting into these types of things, I haven’t had any of these yet. We received 4 Sugar Skull blind bags, which all are also scented! We got super lucky and all 4 were different. Collect all 16 brightly colored sugar skulls!


These are trading cards from the hit dolls LOL Surprise. They included Series 1, Series 2 and The Lil Sisters. Each pack contains 12 collector cards, and 2 surprises!! Also along with the LOL Surprise trading cards I got a few Fashion Tags which includes in the package a fashion tag (necklace), 1 checklist, and 1 surprise inside. She watches the videos on YouTube of kids doing the unboxing/blind bag openings. So she is really wanting to start getting into these little dolls but mom doesn’t get it 😉

We love the Jurassic World movies, so when we got the trading cards I was really excited. All of the collectors cards feature favorite scenes from the move plus extra cards. You can also get Glow in the dark cards, heat n’ reveal cards, 3d action cards and costume cards that have your favorite actors costumes in them. Collect all 99 cards!

Lastly I got this JoJo Siwa Mini Bow blind bags for review. They are unlike any bags I have ever reviewed. Each bag comes so that you can split the bag in half and share with your BFF. There are 24 mini bows in the Series 3 collection. Out of the 12 blind bags, we only received one double! Both my daughters shared the bows and really enjoyed putting the bows in their hair <3