July 24, 2014
by Nikki

Tummy Tickles Fetal Doppler Review


Tummy Tickles



About: Based out of Vancouver BC, Tummy Tickles is the first rental company in Canada to offer Digital Display fetal heartrate monitors. Our fetal doppler are highly regulated professional grade devices that are registered and licensed by Health Canada and the FDAAt Tummy Tickles we pride ourselves on offering our customers the best fetal heart rate monitor at the bestpossible price. Other companies require lengthy monthly commitments in order to enjoy their best price. At Tummy Tickles we believe that pregnancy can be an unpredictable time so we offer our customers our best price no matter how long you choose to keep your doppler.


Review: Back in December I lost a baby at 8.5 weeks on Christmas Eve. That being my 5th loss. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get pregnant again. After much grief and talk; I gave in and decided to try one more time. Five months later I got a positive pregnancy test. Once I figured it out I was only 4 weeks along. I knew that with my history with pregnancies this would make for a long first trimester. As the weeks grew on and being panicked and paranoid I decided to reach out to get a fetal doppler to help put my mind at ease. Tummy Tickles rents them so they sent me one to try out. When I first got it I didn’t realize that I couldn’t hear the heartbeat so early. So as I my pregnancy progressed I tried again at 11 weeks and I heard my baby for the first time! I cried because I could finally stop worrying so much. The heart beat was really strong at 174 bpm.

hi_bebe_monitor_1The machine is really neat looking. Its a Hi-Bebe model from TUMMY TICKLES rentals. The BT200 is only a $20 a month rental on sale right now for $15.99!!

Features include:

  • Loud Speaker- I always turned mine up really loud so I didn’t miss anything
  • Waterproof 3 Mhz probe
  • Comes with ultrasound gel. Which is hypoallergenic
  • Carrying Case
  • Cord to record the heartbeat onto a computer
  • FDA and Health Canada approved


July 20, 2014
by Nikki

Fashion During Pregnancy with Lilac Clothing




About: Lilac Clothing is a women’s apparel line that is designed for all stages of a woman’s life.  Whether our customer is pregnant, post pregnancy or has never had a baby, Lilac Clothing is for her. No need to buy new clothes with each pregnancy or weight fluctuation!  Lilac Clothing flatters a woman’s unique figure through all of life’s changes.  Lilac is carried in high-end retailers all over the world.   You can find Lilac in over 400 retailers including Nordstrom.  Lilac has a very devoted following.  Women who discover the brand while pregnant continue wearing and purchasing Lilac beyond their pregnancy. It is important to highlight the shape women have.  Years ago, pregnant women would try to camouflage her bump by wearing baggy clothing and shapeless tops.  Lilac understands that it is important to accentuate the beautiful parts of a woman’s body and add design details that make her less favorite parts look great.  There are all sorts of tricks that we women have figured out over the years to make us feel beautiful.  We have taken all those design tricks and incorporated them into Lilac Clothing. Our mission is to help every woman feel beautiful in whatever body she is in.  Whether she is pregnant or has fluctuated in weight, she deserves to look and feel her very best.  Our goal is to offer high quality and fashionable clothing at reasonable prices. There is no reason that any woman shouldn’t look as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside.


Review: When I found out that a new baby would be taking up residence in my belly. I started looking for maternity clothes. When I contacted Lilac Clothing; they sent me a beautiful dress to review. I really struggle with buying clothes that will fit my large chest and now its even worse 3 months pregnant. When I am pregnant I love to wear skirts and dresses, I’m not sure if its being huge that gives me comfort in lose clothes.  This dress was not only gorgeous but super comfortable, too. I was able to wear it out to go shopping and also to go to a few parties and picnics over the last few weeks.


This dress is made of cotton, so its light in this heat of a summer we are having. The colors are beautiful together. Olive green top split with yellow floral print on the skirt; finished off with a rope  belt.  The dress has plenty of room for my growing belly. I am very short so I had to have it hemmed up. To purchase this dress follow HERE.