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November 13, 2018
by Nikki

Nakd Bar Review



It’s sometimes hard to find healthy snacks, that also meet my strict diet for my disease. I’m not supposed to eat gluten, red meat, sugar, dairy or white flours. Most of what I get are so gritty, and honestly, taste horrible. I have heard great things about Nakd bars and wanted to try them to see if they would meet my needs healthy-wise and also a great on-the-go snack for when we are at our sporting events. Nakd agreed to send me their “Find your fave” box. This box is perfect for anyone who wants to give Nakd a try and sample their many flavors.

Only 2 ingredients of Cashew and Dates, mixed together smoothly and cold-pressed.

Simple ingredients of dates, cashews, raisins, cocoa, and a hint of natural flavoring.

Made with Dates, cashews, raisins, and a hint of natural flavoring.

Ingredients are Dates, walnuts, raisins, almonds, cashews, carrots, cinnamon and a hint of natural flavoring.

Ingredients include dates, almonds, pecans, ginger, cloves and cinnamon.

Ingredients include dates, pecans and almonds.

Ingredients include dates, raisins, almonds, coconuts, cashews, lemon, and a hint of natural flavoring.

One of the most popular bars! Ingredients include dates, cashews, raisins, cocoa, and a hint of natural flavoring.

These ingredients are dates, cashews, raisins, almonds, blueberries, and a hint of natural flavoring.

The ingredients are simple- dates, cashews, raisins, and a hint of natural flavoring.

Ingredients include dates, peanuts, sea salt, and a hint of natural flavoring.

New crunch bar and the ingredients include dates, soya protein crunchies, raisins, cashews, apricots, apple juice concentrate, and a hint of natural flavoring.

This new cocoa coconut bars Raw ingredients include dates, coconut, raisins, cashews, cocoa, and a hint of natural flavoring.

This delicious crunch bars ingredients include dates, Soya Protein crunchies, raisins, cashews, cocoa, apple juice concentrate, and a hint of natural flavoring.

Bite-sized nibbles have just a few ingredients. Dates, cashews, raisins, rice flour, salt and a hint of natural flavoring. Use these nibbles on yogurt, oatmeal or even just by themselves.

  • ​Dairy free

  • Wheat and gluten free

  • Vegan friendly

  • Kosher Approved

  • Low in saturated fats

  • Free from added sugar

  • GM Free

  • One of your 5 a day!

  • Deliciously simple!

November 11, 2018
by Sierra Adams

Welch’s Fruit Snacks



Not only do I have two kids in school, I also have two little ones at home with me all day. I find it hard to find snacks that all of my kids will like and that I will approve of. I have trusted fruit snacks with all of my kids since they were little so it just makes sense to still trust them now. We were sent four different types of snacks for my kids to try and they loved all of them.

The first box we got was Go Organically Fruit Snacks. These snacks came in a wild berries flavor so my kids loved them. I trust them because they’re organic so there’s nothing in them that’s bad for you. My kids are constantly asking me for snacks so I’m happy I have something healthy and not candy or sugary. The second and third boxes were Welch’s fruit snacks in two different flavors.

The first flavor was mixed fruit and the second flavor was island fruits. The first one I had my kids try was mixed fruits and it reminded them of the fruit snacks I normally get so it wasn’t too different and they still liked it. They were very familiar and I still trust them as healthy snacks. When my kids tried the island fruits flavor, they were blown away. My three year old kept asking me which fruit was which and asked me if we could even get those fruits for her at the store! Fruit snacks are the easiest way to expose my kids to different fruits I may not want to buy in bulk and they can choose what they like and what they don’t. I know the island fruit snacks were their favorite of the three boxes but once I showed them the fourth, they were sold.

The last box was Welch’s fruit rolls in the flavor tropical punch. My kids absolutely loved these; if I let them, they would have eaten them all in about 10 minutes. I know with all of these products, I will be buying them even more to pack in school lunches for the boys and snacks at home for the girls. I know my family loves their healthy snacks and yours will too.

November 10, 2018
by Nikki

Lettering and Bullet Journaling Books

Lettering and Bullet Journaling Books


A few months ago I started to get really big into Bullet Journaling and wanting to learn about calligraphy and hand lettering to make my script and journaling more attractive. I’m new at brush lettering, calligraphy, and script so getting books was a must! I reached out to Ulysses Press who I have worked with several times before to review books on these subjects to help my son and I get better at brush lettering and more tips on journaling. As I was waiting for them to come in, I hopped on Amazon and purchased a practice book and Crayola Brush pens which I heard was great for beginners.

Beyond Bullets:This book is a go-to guide to help you better your creative journal. In this 127 page book, you will learn organization skills such as getting supplies, planning and templates, tips and tricks. Inspiration such as special pages, banners, doodle embellishments, inspiration from real journals.

Brush Pen Lettering: This 128 page book is a step-by-step guide to lettering words and phrases with a brush pen. This guide includes * DYI Projects * Tips & Tricks * Color Photographs * Inspiring Ideas * Step-by-step Instructions * Practice Sheets

Brush Pen Lettering Practice Book: The only way to get better at your script is practice practice practice. This book is designed to teach you the basics on brush lettering. Then loads of pages to help you practice your letters with worksheets on popular phrases like Wedding, Greetings, Happy Birthday, Congratulations and more!

Fun and Friendly Calligraphy for Kids: This 128 page guide helps children learn the real art of calligraphy. Too many schools are focusing less on penmanship and more on teaching computer skills. I have 3 young children and they love to get mail, I couldn’t imagine if that would stop. Teaching my son calligraphy will help with art, letters, thank you cards and so much more. The techniques learned in this book include: Several traditional writing techniques in addition to learning how to mix their own ink, decorate and enhance the alphabet, and create their own fun style.

November 5, 2018
by Nikki

The Doll House Project

The Doll House Project

     For a few months now I have been in a sort of a funk, I haven’t been able to blog or anything. I feel like something in my life has been missing, like I just needed a project to keep my mind busy. Within those few months, one of my daughters also wanted to get into the 18″ dolls. So I took her to Walmart and bought her her first My Life doll with cute blonde hair just like hers. Being the mom I am, once my kids start liking something I start searching for everything to do with that toy. I took to the internet and facebook market to get her furniture and accessories. I happened to come across a used dollhouse that I kept my eye on for about 3 week and they lowered  the price 3 times. When I finally purchased it and for only $50! It was heavy and over 6 feet tall so I sent my oldest son and his buddy out to pick it up for us.

After struggling to bring this home, I was super disappointed. The whole house was made from particle board when they told me it was made of wood. The windows and door frames were falling out (the door was over cut into the wall when they were cutting it out). The “roof” came off when they were moving it. The back of the house was falling off, and all the rooms aren’t even square. Yes, I was pissed. My 3.5 year old was so excited so I made it my project to do a doll house makeover and repaint, re-floor, and refinish the whole house. She doesn’t have any furniture yet, so we will slowly be getting stuff as we have the money and having fun remodeling her house together.

Be sure to follow me as I continue with my Doll House Project.

November 4, 2018
by Nikki

Oska Wellness

Oska Wellness


I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for 10 years, and since then developed osteoarthritis in several joints, disc disease in my lower back, and fibromyalgia. I don’t like it but I am up to 14 pills daily (some a few times a day). Even though I am in a tremendous amount of pain daily, I refuse to take pain medication for fear that I will either not be able to take care of my kids or develop an addiction. I have been on the hunt for products that are holistic and will help relieve my pain. I found Oska Wellness and knew that I had to give it a try! They were willing to send me a unit for review and I am so thankful. 

The Oska Wellness has to be one of the easiest pain management devices I have ever used. With great technology of PEMF- Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy, its got 60 years of clinical success of in relieving pain at the source by electromagnetic waves. This speeds up the bodies recovery at a cellular level. When cells become stressed from toxins or trauma, they lose their ability to work properly. PEMF restores the charges in the cells and also helps speed up tissue recovery. The PEMF is targeted in four key tissue types; increased circulation, relieve pain, improved mobility, and reduced inflammation.

Its super easy to use- all you have to do it place the device over or near the area of pain and use frequently. The PEMF are painless so you won’t actually feel the device working. But if used as directed you may feel it working within a few days to a few weeks. The Oska Wellness can be used under or over top of clothing. Comes with a large band to use on back/belly and a smaller band for other areas of the body.

I have been using it daily on several joints of my body for my RA and within weeks I have had 60% less pain! Even though I have less pain I still continue to use it to help aid in healing of my cells to aid with my pain. I recommend this to everyone who has a chronic pain disorder or even suffers in some way.