September 24, 2016
by Nikki
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Back to the School Grind with Quaker


Back to the School Grind with Quaker



My kids absolutely love granola bars so I always like to find new things for them to have for a snack. Quaker has come out with a completely new lunchbox treat, the Chewy Snackwich. We got to try the two flavors, Apples & Caramel and Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip, and we got two boxes of our favorite, Chocolate Chip Chewy granola bars. I let my oldest son split the apples and caramel with the two younger kids and he absolutely loved them. He said it tasted like a caramel apple and he said he really wanted to take these to school for a snack or whenever he packed a lunch.


I let my daughter try the peanut butter chocolate chip because I know this is her favorite granola bar flavor. She absolutely loved it and she told me she would eat these for breakfast before class or take it to class with her so if she gets hungry, she has something to snack on. Whenever my younger two kids have already eaten and an hour later they want a snack, I will grab them one of the chocolate chip granola bars. I love everything Quaker has to offer and I know my family does too. I highly recommend both the new snacks and the old ones to anyone who’s family loves granola bars as much as ours!

About taken from website: A single “whole” grain contains all three parts of the grain kernel – the bran, endosperm and germ. Scientists believe that by eating whole grains intact – the fiber, vitamins and minerals within the grain work together –providing energy and nutrition to help you get the most from your day. Our methods for milling, cutting, steaming and flaking the wholesome, nutritious whole grains in Quaker Products have been perfected over the years. It’s what gives us control over the cooking time and texture of each of our products, and guarantees they’ll all have that distinct toasted, nutty Quaker flavor.

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September 24, 2016
by Nikki

Ripley’s Believe It or Not: Unlock the Weird 2017


Ripley’s Believe It or Not: Unlock the Weird!




Ripley’s Believe It or Not! has always been a family favorite and for the last 3 years a tradition to get my teenage son one for Christmas. We love to look through it together as a family and ooh and awe over all the cool, crazy and amazing people all over the world. I couldn’t wait to add it to this years Holiday Gift Guide.

The new 2017 book is Unlock the Weird and was available for purchase September 6th through all major booksellers. It covers different subjects such as world, animals, body, pop culture, transport, feats, art, food and beyond belief. Scan through all 245 pages of the brightly colored, crisp pictures- knowing that every single thing in the Ripley’s Believe It or Not book are all true and so incredible! I can’t wait to tell you about my favorites in each section!
Ripley‘s Believe It or Not: Unlock The Weird 
  • WORLD: Hair Offerings (pg 44)- In Tirumala, India, millions of pilgrims have shaved their heads as devotion to the Hindu god Vishnu. The local Temple receives donations of at least 20,000 devotees daily and employees more than 600 barbers. The hair is collected, sorted and the auctioned to extension makers all over the world which results in millions of dollars in revenue. The monies are used to maintain the Temple, fund charitable programs like building hospitals and schools, distributing 30,000 free meals daily to the poor.
  • ANIMALS: Tiny Egg- A chicken kept on a family farm in Carmarthenshire, Wales, laid an egg measuring only 1.8 cm (0.71 in) long- about the size of a dime.
  • BODY: Heart Rests- If you added up all the time that a persons heart rests between beats, you would find that it doesn’t beat for about 12 years out of the average lifetime!
  • POP CULTURE: Facebook Appeal- Manuel Parisseaux, who has Down Syndrome, received more than 61,000 cards for his 30th birthday. His father poster an appeal on Facebook and stated that there was so many cards that the USPS had to use a truck to deliver them to his home in Calais, France.
  • TRANSPORT: Toy Car- After his drivers license was taken away, 20 year old Texas State University Student Tara Monroe bought a $60 pink Barbie Jeep Power Wheel on Craigslist. She drove that around campus at its top speed of 5 mph.
  • FEATS: Baby Driver- Dutchman Max Verstappen drove in the 2015 Formula 1 season season when he was only 17. This is too young to drive unaccompanied on a public road in his homeland.
  • ART: Trash Icons- Nadia Luongo from Naples, Italy, has created portraits of pop cultures icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Freddie Mercury, and David Bowie using household trash and food items- such as bottle caps, buttons, recording tapes, beans and tomato ketchup.
  • FOOD: Mystery Machine- In Seattle, Washington Capital Hill neighborhood, at the center of the East John Street and 10th Avenue  East sits a secret- a vintage soda machine with all 6 buttons labeled “mystery”. The surprise is, is that the pop is always stocked , but for decades, no one has been able to figure out who has been behind the soda conspiracy.
  • BEYOND BELIEF: Gold Tooth- Among donations dropped into a Salvation Army collection kettle in Kansas City, MS in December 2014 was a gold tooth worth up to $100.

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September 22, 2016
by Nikki

Fall Cleaning with the EasyWring Spin Mop





Having “slight” OCD  I’m always cleaning but I do my heavy cleaning in the fall and in the spring. I mop my kitchen floors daily and get my bathroom floors a few times a week but that’s with my ProMist Spray Mop and I will once a month use a washcloth/sponge and a good cleaner and get in the cracks and along the walls. I’m normally not a mop and bucket gal because of the bacteria and yuckies. But soon will be with the EasyWring Spin Mop!

But as I did my research before agreeing to do my review on the EasyWring Spin Mop, I decided to give it a try as the mop refills are machine washable up to 10x and made with 100% microfiber for deep cleaning. The microfiber strings will not scratch any floor surface. You can find your refills for a reasonable price at your local WalMart


When my new EasyWring Spin Mop came I was like a kid in a candy store! I tore it open and put it together. Now what I mean by ‘put together’ is the handle came it wasn’t extended and locked into place and the mop head wasn’t on; but other than that the bucket was ready to go. Of course, before I put water and cleaner in we all had to play with it and see how it actually worked and I felt like a turd because when you push the pedal constant to get it to spin, you can’t push the mop down hard you must leave it loose or it will make it stop spinning.

Time to start mopping- the longer you spin the mop the dryer it will become and the less the more saturated the floors will become. I have linoleum and ceramic tile flooring in my apartment and it worked great on both. OCedar says that it works well will a hard floor types. Shop for your EasyWring Spin Mop at your local WalMart.

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September 19, 2016
by Lauren Mueller

Dorm Room Ready with Lava Lamp


I remember when I was younger we had a Lava Lamp in our living room, I would just sit there staring at it. If I remember correctly is was orange with red inside,  my Mom never let me have it in my room for the same reason I don’t allow a Lava Lamp in my kid’s rooms. The fear that it would somehow get broken. When the opportunity arose to review a Lava Lamp I just knew I had to say yes. When I went to their website I couldn’t believe how much has changed and also how much has stayed the same with these iconic items.

The New 14.5″ Chalkboard Lava Lamp in Green and White is everything you need for your dorm room or in your home. It has a chalkboard finish base and cap, you can write reminder notes, pictures or funny messages on it. It has white wax with green liquid, my little humans have named our Lava Lamp “Slimer”.

  • Chalkboard paint allows you to customize your Lava Lamp and repeat for endless hours of fun!
  • Provides relaxing, soft light
  • 25 watt light bulb Included
  • 1 piece of white chalk included
  • Erase chalk with a dry cloth
  • Plugs into a power outlet


I’m not sure as to who enjoys the Lava Lamp more, the children or the adults. For the kids, it’s the excitement of it while for the adults is the nostalgia and remembering our own childhoods. Currently, I have ‘Slimer’ on our kitchen counter because for now, that is the safest spot for it. Not going to lie, I even get worried that I will break it (haha). When the kids want to watch it I do move it to the kitchen table, they will sit there and just stare at it being mesmerized. I find it to be relaxing to watch it, it gives off this calming effect.


Lava Lamp has a ton of lamps available and they are all simply amazing! They have one called Northern Lights with Tri-Colored Globe and it looks absolutely beautiful. They even have one for Halloween that makes noise! Lava Lamps are the perfect way to spruce up your dorm room or any room in your home.

You can check out more Lava Lamps and all they have to offer at their website.