July 21, 2016
by Nikki

Gourmet Gift Baskets Care Package



gourmet gift baskets

Summer time is the one time where we send our kids off to camps of all kinds. We all want our kids to know that we miss them so send them a care package from Gourmet Gift Baskets. The package that I would send is the Arts & Crafts basket; all my kids growing up and even now love or have loved every single thing in this box and can be played with alone or even with a friend or group.

scribble slate

Scribble Slate: Is a fun pocket size toy for a on the go. Take the magnet pen out of the case to draw your design on the board when your done slide the eraser on the back to erase it. The pen won’t get lost because it’s got an elastic string, and also a clip to keep your Scribble Slate close to you. My son really had a lot of fun with this one! I like that its pocket size to keep the kids busy when we are in the car or in a restaurant.

bouncy ball

Mad Lab Ball Lab: This one was really fun to do as you need to make sure to do with an adult or older child. You are able to make a high bouncy ball! My 19 year old daughter made it with my 4 year old and it they had a blast! It only took about 15 minutes total to make but to you needed to leave it over night to let the ball dry completely. I would buy this kit again by itself.

scribble pad

Scribble Pad, Fine Point Markers, Pencil: My boys love to draw and color their own artwork so this is a perfect thing to add into this box! The pad itself has 60 sheets of plain sheets of paper and the markers have 12. They are water based with vented caps. For our children’s safety, the markers are non-toxic.

stencil kit

Stencil Set: Comes with 2 sets- stencils & spirals. I remember using these as a kid so it was fun teaching my kids how to using them!

fuzzy face

Fuzzy Face: My son was the most excited about this! I had so many of these when I was a kid and it kept me busy for hours! He immediately went to work designing his guy with Mohawks and facial hair. Remember playing with these when you were little?


Color-in Design -A-Velvet Mug: Comes with 3 ready to color velvet pictures; sports, peace & love, and butterflies & dragonflies. My daughter went to work on coloring a mug for her mug “collection”

lace set

Lace Set: Make your own jewelry. This is another set that I remember doing when I was a kid. I couldn’t remember how to do it tho, but there was instr uctions on the back. Came with 5 colors to choose from and 2 clips to make keychains. This is a kit that my daughter is going to play around with too.

scratch a sketch

Scratch-A-Sketch: These are really neat, something that I have never seen before. This set come with 3 designs that all you have to do is use the Scratch Sketch Tool (included) inside the grey area and it shows you rainbow colors. Makes it a very beautiful picture. Something that a young child could do.

magic foam

Magic Foam: 100 pieces of MAGIC! Use the the magic foam pieces to mold without glue to make anything your little hearts can imagine. They are able to be cut, mashed, shaped and molded without glue… just with water that is used to make the foam sticky. Very neat!!!

spiral sketch

Pocket Spiral Sketch: Another pocket on the go tool to keep the little ones occupied. The Spiral Sketch Kit comes with 2 color pens, paper, 6 design disks and a slide open case. This one doesn’t have a clip but everything holds nice in the case so that it doesn’t fall out.

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July 19, 2016
by Nikki

Let’s Color Together




A year or so ago adult coloring books became super popular and it seemed like everyone and their mother had one! I was getting them for my teenage daughter who was a freshman in college because it was proven that it helped with stress and anxiety. Little did I know my 15 year old son was getting jealous that she was getting them and not him. So, I got him his first book and he spend hours and days coloring and making creations with the medallions. I was so impressed which in turn got my 4 year old intrigued as well. He was coloring in adult coloring books and doing a pretty good job!

Lets color together

When Source books emailed me about a new coloring book, “Let’s Color Together” that was released a few months ago for parents and kids, I got really excited. So far my oldest and youngest son have taken over the book but that’s ok because it keeps them from fighting! It’s perfect age range from preschool to grammy and grandpa. I like it because it gets you to sit and talk without tv and social media.

Each page has a page for the adult which is more difficult and the page for the child is less difficult. With a total of 112 pages which is 61 total drawings. My son just loves this coloring book

About (taken from website): Sourcebooks’ mission is to reach as many people as possible with books that will enlighten their lives. Today, Sourcebooks continues to publish authors in countless subjects and styles, and in formats both classically physical and dynamically digital. The eclectic and exciting breadth of its list—nonfiction in most categories, commercial and historical fiction, romance novels, gift books, college-bound materials, calendars, children’s books and more—is unmatched anywhere. Its future is guided by its continuing commitment to reaching readers with books that will illuminate, inspire and enlighten their lives.

July 18, 2016
by Nikki

College Life with DormVault

DV logo



After living in a college dorm for a year, I found out how hard it was to find someplace to keep all of my stuff while I slept to keep it next to me. I also saw how many people kept their doors open while they were in a friend’s room or in the shower. I don’t know how people could do that. Once I got the Dormvault, I felt a little safer keeping my door open if I had my valuables in the vault and locked. At night, I can put my phone, lanyard, wallet, and tablet in the vault; it was right by my side the entire night and when I wake up, I can take out what I need and before I leave for my class, and can lock the vault to make sure everything is safe.

I didn’t know what my roommate would do when I wasn’t in the room and I wouldn’t know if the door would be left open or who would be in the room so if I would have had the vault while I was at school, I would have felt a lot safer. I know I will be using this next year and every year after that. Even though it’s used for dorms, it can also be used at home where I can keep things so if anything bad happens, I know it will be okay. This is one of the best dorm things I’ve had and I can’t wait to see what else this company has in mind.


About taken from website: We founded Dormvault based on our technical knowledge of safe design that we developed for self service carwashes. Those thieves came late at night and loaded with equipment so those safes had 3 inch thick steel safe heads and extra strong 10 gauge steel walls. Dormitories are a different environment so we adapted our technical skills. We knew how to make a strong safe but it had to be designed for college life. A safe cannot be mounted to the wall or mark the bedposts. Style is important. They have to be easily accessible. College thieves are opportunistic. Our Dormvault takes away the Opportunity to take away the Crime.

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July 18, 2016
by Nikki

Back to School with Purell



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Back to school is always an exciting time of the year  for both students and parents. Personally I get excited to take each one of my kids on separate “dates” for lunch and school supply and clothes shopping. But the one thing I don’t look forward to is the germs that come with the kids going back to school! Every year my kids get sick several times a year, and not only them but they bring it home and get me and the little ones sick too!

Even though the kids have their back to school lists for their class, I have my own list of supplies that I like to buy each year to keep stocked at home, and one of them is Purell.


Purell hand sanitizer kills more than 99.99% of germs. They sent me 4 pumps 2 regular and 2 with aloe. Which I will send one with my son to preschool for his classroom to share and leave the other 3 around the home. My most favorite product is the the on-the-go 1oz sanitizers with jelly wraps. They are perfect to put on bookbags, purses, keys, or anywhere you need to when you are “on-the-go”. They are scented and my favorite is mandarin medley!

A new product is the hand sanatizer spray in 2 oz. It is also a great size to throw in a bookbag, diaper bag or purse when out on the go. I love using purell when I am not out around bathrooms or in a sketchy area. I can just grab my on-the-go purell and clean our hands or even after changing a dirty diaper! Make sure during flu season and allergy season you protect your family with Purell!

About (taken from website): PURELL Hand Sanitizer was invented in 1988 by GOJO to meet the needs of healthcare providers and restaurants operators looking for ways to reduce the spread of germs. Healthcare workers needed to kill germs on their hands when they couldn’t get to soap and water. And restaurant operators needed extra germ-fighting protection to reduce the risk of food contamination.

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