Her 3 Little Thinkers

August 15, 2018
by Nikki

Back to School with Zebra Pens

Zebra Pens



F-301 Retractable Ballpoint 0.7mm Black: The original 3 series features a sleek appearance which is a stainless steel outer body. Its built for lasting performance and and sized for on-the-go pocket transport. Featuring a metal clip for a secure grip. * Available in 0.7mmd ink *Available in black ink * Original Easy Glide Ink Performance * Refillable with F- Refill * Stainless Steel Barrel and Metal Clip. Available in several pack sizes.

Zensations Technical Pens: Zebra Technical Pens are great for sketching, writing and illustrating. Metal guide pipe provides excellent control when precision is necessary. * Cap snaps on securely so that the pen stays fresh over time *Metal-guide pipe on each pen is great for usage with rulers and stencils * Vibrant black ink is great to use in acid-free environments * Quick drying ink for a bleed free, smudge free, waterproof writing experience. Available in 3 or 6 packs or buy individually.

Zensations Colored Pencil Assorted 24Pk: Zensations Colored Pencils are refillable that provide a rich, vibrant and smooth color. The triangular shape provides control when sketching or coloring and won’t fall of your desk. The lead is durable and long lasting 2.0mm. When you run out of lead, remember not to throw away the barrel because the lead is refillable. *Never need to sharpen the lead * Great for coloring books * AP Certified Non-toxic * Includes: Yellow, Orange, Lt Peach, Peach, Lt Pink, Pink, Blush Pink, Red, Ruby Red, Deep Fuchsia, Bright Lilac, Ice Blue, Sky Blue, Blue, Lt Green, Sap Green, Green, Yellow Ochre Lt, Terracotta, Brown, Dark Brown, Black, Steel Grey, White

Zensations Fineliner Pen 0.8mm Assorted 12Pk: These vibrant flatliner pens are great for writing and drawing because of the needle point tip. It allows for the ink to flow smoothly with no pressure. The ink is water resistant, acid free and archival quality. *Doesn’t bleed through the paper * metal reinforced tip * includes: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Light Green, Pink, Purple, Orange, Grey, Light Blue, Brown * available point size: 0.08mm * AP Certified non-toxic



August 12, 2018
by Nikki

Townleygirl and Hotel Transylvania 3



My kids and I absolutely love the first two Hotel Transylvania movies. We don’t really get to see movies in the theaters because we have a house full of little kids so we are waiting to see it on DVD. What we have heard and seen on the commercials- it looks hilarious! Townleygirl has reached back out with a few more kids-friendly glam in Hotel Transylvania 3!

Nail Polish Set with Bonus Tin and Stickers: This adorable tin designed is in Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation. Comes with 4 nail polishes, 1 sheet of nail stickers, and a water tank bonus tin. The nail polishes are non-toxic, peelable and scented in bubble gum. The shades are purple, teal, orange, and pink.

3 Pack Lip Gloss with Coffin Tin: Your little girls will love applying these fruity lip glosses and storing them in the Mavis themed coffin tin. The assortment of glittery lip glosses comes with a bonus tin. Colors and flavors include: blue- cotton candy, purple- grape, rose- bubble gum. Each gloss is .03 FL OZ each.

3 Puffy Lip Gloss Set with Bonus Tin: Assortment of 4 shimmery lip glosses with puffy characters on the top with a bonus tin to store your lip gloss. Lip gloss shades and flavors include: purple- grape, blue- cotton candy, teal- watermelon, rose- bubble gum. Each tube is .15 FL OZ each.

I love giving my daughter glam from Townleygirl because its all non-toxic and safe for her to use. Their polishes are water based and peelable. Most of all I am super impressed they love animals and are cruelty-free!


August 10, 2018
by Nikki

PopYum Anti- Colic Bottle



Being a parent can be tough sometimes. And having 5 of my own one of the hardest things I found was feeding time! Fumbling around with formula and bottle feeding. My husband worked midnights and/or swing shifts with my last 3 kids so I did all the midnight feedings; holding a screaming baby in one hand trying to make a bottle with the other can be difficult (although I got it down pat). PopYum designed a bottle that makes those feedings at home and on the go much easier for you and your family!

PopYum Anti-Colic Bottles are the perfect one handed bottle and only come with 5 parts it goes together really quick. The parts are a cap, nipple, mid-section, agitator and bottom. The wide nipple allows you to easily transition from breast to bottle. Also helps with colic babies as the air goes back into the bottle not into the babies tummy.

Positive Key Points On PopYum Bottle:

  • Comes in 4 ounce and 9 ounces

  • Stores water and formula seperately

  • The only bottle designed to make a fresh bottle with one hand

  • You can store breast milk with no leaks as its stored separately from the nipple

  • Reduces clutter in the diaper bag

  • BPA, BPS, latex, lead, nitrosamines, PET, phthalates, PVC and TPE free

  •  Also PopYum supports families with Lyme Disease

  • The nipple is made of high grade medical silicone

I really like this bottle and so did my daughter. I unfortunately don’t give her formula anymore, but we gave her milk in it and it didn’t leak!! My cousins wife just had a baby 2 weeks ago so I am giving her the bottle to try out because she has a newborn and a 2 year old son. Getting used to 2 kids can be very difficult.


August 9, 2018
by Nikki

CaptureCam from Vivitar



I have been looking for a really good, high quality camera to use around my house. Not so much a baby monitor or nanny cam, but a security camera. I like to know that when I am out of the house that it’s still safe or even when the kids are home without me, they are still taken care of and safe. I found exactly what I needed in the Vivitar Smart Security 360 degree Wi-Fi Cam.

This security camera is peace of mind in a box. You can connect to any smart phone and monitor inside and outside your home wherever you are. It was super easy to set up, I only had to plug it, download the app and I was ready to go. Comes with wall attachments for a flush view. At home you can control light bulbs, doorbell, indoor/outdoor IP cameras, electrical outlets, and more. Away you can get alerts based on motions and sounds around a specific room. It will notify you and ask if you want to notify the police (or emergency services).


Full 360 degree view

Records video in full HD 1080p

Rotating swivel head allows for precise  positioning

Motioning detection and event notification

Two-way audio “intercom”, hear and talk with anyone in that room

View your home, dorm room, office and more

Night view using the infrared video mode

Connect easily to your phone and/or tablet

I love having the CaptureCam in my house. I put it in my middle daughters room because she is only 3. But when we move it will go in the baby’s room so that I can keep an eye on her at nap time and night time. But I really like having this in here because the xbox is in her room and I can watch them play, and also listen in to make sure that her older brother is being nice to her. We went out one night with friends and the kids were actually able to “call on me” by stepping in her room and waiting for me to see it and I could chat with them even though they couldn’t see me. I’m impressed with all of the features and capabilities and look forward to trying everything out.

July 13, 2018
by Nikki

Family Games from Goliath Games

Goliath Games


Gooey Louie– What kids wouldn’t like to pick out some gooey green boogies?! My 6 and 3 year olds love playing this game (even though I have to help them set it up). Roll the die and let it decide how many boogies you pick, if you pull the wrong one Louie will pop his top and out shoots his brain! It’s quite a jumper but it makes us giggle for sure!!! This game helps develop hand and eye coordination and fine motor skills. Comes with: Complete instructions, Gooey Louie, a base, 1 jumping brain, 1 die, 12 boogers. And I suggest keeping your boogers stored in a plastic bag because they will get dirty.

Googly Eyes– This is a really silly game that we had a super fun time playing. We all are really good at drawing but when we put on the glasses that had 3 levels a making your vision funky- our drawing got lame to say the least. This game gives everyone you play with an even playing field. Each card has a option to choose between easy, medium or hard lenses depending on where you land on the board. If your lucky you won’t have to wear the glasses at all. Play as teams from 4-16 players ages 7+. Comes with Game board, drawing tablet, pencil, timer, 162 playing cards, 1 pair of glasses, and 3 interchangeable lenses (easy, medium, and hard).

Build or Boom– Are you like my family and like to build and challenge each other? Then this game is for you! Be the first one to build what’s on the blueprint card. You each get the same card to build off of. Who ever is the first to build gets to hit the boomer and watch your opponents creation come crashing down!! 2 players ages 4+. I helped my 3 year old build hers but she did pretty good on her own. We really had a blast competing against each other! Comes with: 4 boards, 4 blocks, 4 triangles, 4 arches, 4 cones,4 i-beams, 4 barrels, 2 builders, 30 blue print cards, 2 platforms, 2 boomers, 2 air hoses, 1 card holder, a complete instructions. A great game for STEM, and I love the fact that it doesn’t need batteries!

Wordsearch– I absolutely love puzzle and word games… which are usually only by myself. So imagine my excitement when this game arrived and I knew that I could play with my family! What makes this game more unique than typical others is that the game is played on a round turnable board. Each of the puzzles go into the board so that only one word shows at a time. Every player plays at once and use the colored marker tiles to mark your words. The player with the most words found wins. Comes with: Illustrated instructions, Wordsearch game board, 464 words to search for in 16 puzzles, 8 double-sided game cards, 280 marking tiles (70 reds, 70 green, 70 blue, 70 yellow). This has to be my new favorite game!