June 22, 2016
by Nikki

Tommee Tippee Toddler Time



With an 18 month old daughter and 4 year old son in my house I am always on the hunt for cute, innovative toddler plates for them. I could probably open up my own store with all the plasticwear I have (LOL). I love Tommee Tippee products and they sent me 2 new products perfect for my little girl!

TT Plates

I got a set of 2 section plates (pink & purple). They are great for toddlers to keep the foods separated and easy to introduce to new foods. My little girl loves to dip her food; and I mean everything she eats has to have a dip. Section plates are perfect for her to have her dip in a separate area and food in another. The plates have easily scoop-able sections for small hands and to independent feeding. The section plates are dishwasher, microwavable safe and BPA Free. Works great with the Easi-Mat!

bib The Milk Feeding Bib, is pretty amazing! The extra padding around the neck helps absorb extra dribble from milk or drool from teething. The soft material is super-soft on babies sensitive skin which will help protect it against drool rashes (which my kids always got). The closure on the back of the bib is Velcro so its easy on and off. Available in 3 colors; pink, blue and cream. The other best part about this bib is it will help protect again the smells and stains on your babies clothes.

About (taken from website): With over 50 years of expertise, Tommee Tippee is best known for its award-winning Closer to Nature® baby bottle design. The company’s mission is simple: to make everyday life easier for families everywhere. This philosophy extends beyond product design with the launch of #ParentOn, a multi-platform conversation where parents can share real parenting moments and find judgement-free support– not more advice.

June 21, 2016
by Nikki

One Two Tie My Shoe



Headed to preschool in August , my youngest is needing to learn to tie his shoes. My son is just like his mom and learns better by tools and hands on learning. I’ve been searching and watching YouTube videos for the last 6 months on “The easiest ways to teach your toddler to tie his shoes”. Ok, first off, I could teach him better than half the videos and I was so confused! Then I happened to run across a video of an amazing mom who came up with loops that teach your kids to tie their shoes in 5 minutes and literally 5 steps.


Now it took him a few times to really get the hang of it and he still gets a little confused here and there, but he is really on his way to tying his shoes on his own! We still use the rings daily, and he has a lot of fun picking out which color he wants to use. I have a 18 month old that I am hoping to use the same method with when she is ready to learn too.

one two tie my shoe

The One two tie my shoe kit comes with:

  • Instructions on Shoe Tying

  • Illustrations on How to Tie Shoes

  • 12 “Special Rings” to tie the shoes

  • And a Success Sticker

One Two Tie My Shoe is a GREAT shoe tying tool for special needs children and also children with autism.

About (taken from website): Mendy created her colorful “special rings.” And within five minutes, Ashley tied her shoes all by herself! Rather than getting frustrated every time, tying her own shoes was a fun part of her day, especially when she matched the colorful “special rings” with outfits she wore! Since then, Mendy went on to patent One, Two, Tie My Shoe and established a company to manufacture and market the shoe tying kit.

June 19, 2016
by Nikki

Summer Time Fun with EZ Grip Balls



Given the chance to review the 4 sizes of EZ Grip Play Balls, my 4 kids had so much fun! They bounce on sand, grass and even water!! The ball is an inflatable inner with a soft stretchy outer web that provides high bounce performance and a unique look! They even come in an array of color patterns for both boys and girls!

EZ GRIP: 6.25″ — This ball has actually helped my youngest son catch a ball! I couldn’t believe it, he can actually play catch with his siblings and not be afraid of the ball

EZ GRIP JR: 4.25″ — My youngest is 18 months and LOVES this ball! We always pack it in the to go bag when we leave the house to give her something to do. The ball is small and fits well in her tiny little hands.

EZ GRIP SOCCER: — My 4 year old is a soccer player and we took this to a few of his practices for fun with the other little kids and they all had a blast playing with it! It was so fun to see all the smiles <3

EZ BALL FOOTBALL: — My oldest picked this ball out for his love of sports. He is in the process of teaching his little brother how to catch a football. This is a great teaching ball for young ball players.


About (taken from website): Customers were now looking to Tucker for more outdoor sports toys – toys that revived kids’ activeness like the classics did, but with a modern twist that was catching a lot of new attention. Tucker presented them with the Zoingo Boingo® – The Flexible Freestyle Pogo™ – which won a Parents’ Choice Silver Award in 2006. With a foothold in the sports toys niche, Tucker Toys continued to produce toys that were powered by kids’ own physical activity and vice versa. Today, Tucker Toys boasts a 2015 lineup of sports toys that are innovative, fun, and carry on their mission to “transform play.” The Crush-It!® Bat transforms baseball as the first adjustable bat with a lightweight, racquet-inspired design. The ZB Freestyle® Board  allows for skateboard-style tricks on almost any surface, including grass, and the E-Z Grip® Ball features a great grip and high bounce – even on sand and water!

June 16, 2016
by Nikki

Baby Room Decoration with Delta Ann’s Creations

One of the great things about having a baby is getting to decorate their room. Whats even better is when the little ones move from the baby stage to the start of the toddler stage! When we decided to move I wanted to give my daughters room an update and take her from the infant stage into a more girly style. Thanks to an amazing company called Delta Ann’s Creations, I was able to do just that!
minnie mouse
When I found out about Delta Ann’s Creations, I was blown away at the amazing bedding sets offered. They offer some great sets such as Batman for the boys, Nightmare before Christmas, which I about freaked out when I saw those. I knew that my daughter needed something more her own. I ended up getting the five piece Minnie Mouse set and I do not regret the choice one bit!
Delta Ann's Creations
The set is hand made and very well made at that. It came with the bed skirt, comforter, pillow sham, and two sheets. The sheets came in two colors. One was pink and the other was black. The pillow sham is a small size pillow comparable to a travel pillow or a toddler pillow. The comforter has a nice minky material that is super soft and my daughter just loves to cuddle up to her comforter. At times I want to take it. Someone really needs to make full size blankets for us adults out of this minky material! I’m telling you it is that soft and amazing!
When I got the set and I set up my daughters bed and put the Minnie Mouse bedding onto it, I fell in love even more! It fits my daughter perfectly. I am very satisfied with this set and would highly recommend them to anyone. Another item I received is a Taggie Blanket. It has matching material that is on the Minnie Mouse set. It also has the minky material that the comforter has on it.
Delta Ann’s Creations also offers other items besides bedding sets. They offer diaper stackers, Changing Pad Covers, Cuddle Blankets and you can get items for the bed like bumper pads, Activity pillows, which they have in Nightmare before Christmas as well! You can also get portable changing pads, Hooded towels and so much more! Delta Ann’s Creations is truly a one stop shop for a nice variety of your baby item needs!
If you are looking to update your babies room or you are looking for the right crib set, I suggest you head on over to Delta Ann’s Creations and check them out before you look anywhere else! Make sure to follow them on social media as well!
You can also find Delta Ann’s Creations on Etsy and purchase from there! https://www.etsy.com/shop/DeltaAnnsCreations?ref=search_shop_redirect
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