March 4, 2015
by Nikki

Wicked Jester Review





          Wicked jester is this pretty awesome shirt website that was founded in 1999. Wicked Jester also has sizes up to 4x and 5x which most sites don’t. They also have this mail in order option which I think is for the United States only but they accept credit cards. For outside the United States they only accept on line credit card orders. Wicked Jester isn’t afraid to hurt anybody’s feelings. So their shirts are pretty out there be warned on that also if you don’t like jesters stay away. Not going to lie the jester does scare me but some of the shirts I found interesting.wickedjester1

        I ended up receiving the Vigilante Jester shirt for my boyfriend to try out. When I took the shirt out of the package I didn’t see any threads sticking out. The writing on the back looked amazing and the image on the front hasn’t even cracked. Which is what normally happens when I do multiple washes.  I’ve had it for about 3 weeks and with multiple washings and wearing it still looks new. This Wicked Jester shirt didn’t shrink which is a plus I think it’s a good shirt. Fits true to size I hate buying clothes online you never know how the fit is.


If you’re looking for something different and think you would like Wicked Jester then be sure to check out their website. They also have military shirts so maybe you know someone who may want to check these out. Looking to get a new tattoo they also have tattoo art you can buy and then take to your tattoo artist. On the lady shirts it looks like they only had one but if you’re like me I’d rather wear guys shirts.

These are some pretty unique shirts I’m sure no one else will have the same one around you. I think these are only available online. Be sure to visit there face book and upcoming events page since they do travel to different events. Right now it looks like they will be in Benton, AR on March 7-8 and also in Louisville, KY on May 15-17.



March 3, 2015
by Lauren Mueller

Yalmeh Review




Yalmeh Glorify Vitamin C Moisturizing Lotion & Yalmeh Vitamin C Serum Review:




              Living in Florida has some perks and some faults, perks being that during our winter months we can wear summer clothes on some days but a fault is all the sun exposure. It’s always important to protect our skin and wear sunscreen but there have been quite a few times when it doesn’t happen. Sun exposure is expected when living here so I’m always looking for products to counteract with some of the results that happen due to being in the sun.


             In the last couple of years I’ve done more research on products and trying products to help my skin. Once again the good ole internet didn’t fail me while I was looking. Yalmeh’s Vitamin C serum is meant to be use on your face but you can apply to your neck as well. This serum helps refine the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It can repair micro scarring, reverses sun damage, creates a smooth glowing skin and can provide significant natural sun protection. This product is made in Yalmeh’s FDA registered Facility which is located in the USA. I have been using this product for almost a week and can see some improvements on my skin. I use about 2-3 drops to cover my whole face and neck. I’m not a huge fan on the way it smells but it has definitely become part of my beauty routine.


                After applying the vitamin C serum and letting it dry I then apply Yalmeh’s Glorify Vitamin C Moisturizing Lotion. The serum and this lotion go hand in hand, like a couple you could say. This vitamin C moisturizing lotion is full of antioxidant’s, protection and prevention of the formation of free radicals in sun exposed skin. The lotion helps refine skin texture, reduces wrinkle formation, discoloration and lighten spots. It will even help if you have any existing wrinkles. This product has made my skin feel amazing and I have noticed that some spots (from the sun) are getting lighter. I think this product smells better then serum but it works just as great. I think smells can be overlooked as long as the product is worth it and both of these products from Yalmeh are.

I haven’t been using these products for long but I can tell that they are helping me. I know that if I keep using them that I will start to see even more improvements. I’m all about going natural and rarely wear makeup so these products will help keep my skin looking great. Yalmeh offers numerous other beauty products, I’ve posted their website link above so just give it a click and have fun shopping!

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March 1, 2015
by Nikki

MoonMaker Cloth Diaper Giveaway

Diaper rash. It seems like we’ve all been there. Sometimes figuring out what caused a rash, how to treat it and how to make it go away permanently can take research and time. One often recommended/universal treatment for diaper rash is airing out the bottom. For this parents are often told to allow little ones to go diaper-less, exposing a rash to fresh air and light that helps cure those adorable little bottoms.

I love using cloth diapers. I will be entering this giveaway for myself ~Nikki

MoonMaker Diapers are parent developed and pediatrician recommended cloth diapers that help air that bum out…while collecting pee that would otherwise wind up on the floor, furniture, bedding or right on baby! Take a look at some great photos and get the story on these unique and pretty ingenuous diapers in Mama Banana’s Adventure’s MoonMaker Diaper Review and enter to win a set below!!

      One lucky USA legal resident 18+ winner will receive 2 diapers of
choice PLUS 2 packages of sanitary disposable inserts! Not crazy about
disposable inserts? MoonMaker is in the process of developing a
reusable. Awesome right?! Please enter below and thanks for stopping by!


Disclosure: Her 3 Little Thinkers was not compensated for this giveaway and is not responsible for prize fulfillment. One lucky winner will be contacted via e-mail and or tagged on Mama Banana’s Adventure’s FB page and have 48 hours to respond. Void where prohibited. If no response is given, a new winner will be drawn.Questions or comments about this should be directed to MamaBananasAdventures(at)gmail(dot)com

This post does not make any health claims, as always please refer to your pediatrician for health related issues as the internet is not a good place to diagnose or treat any condition and when it comes to babies and toddler, best to be cautious and refer to a medical professional.

March 1, 2015
by Nikki

March Secret Word Page

March Secret Words
1. March
2. Ireland
3. Patrick 
4. Lucky
5. Leprechaun
6. Green
7. Pot of Gold
8. Shamrock
9. Rainbow
10. Green Beer
11. Wish
12. Parade
13. 4 leaf clover
14. Celtic
15. Party
16. Limerick
17. Jig
18. Cane
19. Harp
20. Tradition
21. Feast
22. Corned Beef
23. Cabbage
24. Gaelic
25. Irish Stew
26. Religion
27. Magic
28. Moonflowers
29. Lorry
30. Lotteries
 31. Whiskey