May 31, 2017
by Nikki

Special Dads Day with The BroBasket

The BroBasket




Father’s Day will be here before you know it. And if you are like me, you always struggle with trying to find something that dad or your husband will truly like and actually use! I know that my husband is a simple man and loves just as much as I do when all the kids make him presents. But, to show how much I appreciate him as a great dad, I still like to buy him something great! I was approached by a company called The BroBasket. They offer several types of alcoholic baskets with snacks or even if you don’t drink they have options without alcohol.


My husband and I really don’t drink much, but when we do, we like Crown. So that is basket I chose to review for him. It was so easy to order and they emailed me on my shipping each step of the way so I knew where my basket was. It came quick, and packaged well so that my bottles of alcohol wouldn’t break. If you are in need for a booze basket for your dad, father or grandpa; be sure to order from The BroBasket there are so many choices to choose from!


The Contents

2 – Popcornopolis Gourmet Flavored Popcorn
2 – Bags of  of Snyder’s Pretzels – for soaking up some of that booze
1 – BroBasket 11oz tumbler – in case you need to make a drink right then and there
1 – BroBasket Reusable Tin

The Mixer

1 – Can of Coke (12oz) – Use it to make a crown and coke; as a chaser for some shots; or for the hangover the next day

The Booze

2 – Bottles of Crown Royal (50ml) – Good old reliable
2 – Bottles of Crown Royal Apple (50ml) – Its good, Im talking reeeeal good!
2 – Bottles of Crown Royal Black (50ml) – In case you want to class it up a notch

The Freebies

1 – Card with your special message

About (taken from website): Whether it’s a bucket of his favorite beer delivered cold to his door or a drinkable arrangement that reflects HIS tastes, The BroBasket is your go to gift

May 31, 2017
by Nikki

End of the Year Teacher Gifts with Go Teach

Go Teach





As the school year comes to a close, one thing I always like to do is show my appreciation to my kids’ teachers. To thank them for helping them learn and grow through the year with a small gift or two. Since I have one in high school and one in pre-k, I made up great gifts for my youngest sons teacher and her aid. Go Teach sent me a few amazing products to make up teacher appreciation week gifts. So I decided to our local Panera Bread and grab a couple drink cups to put in the markers/pens/expos.



Paper Mate Inkjoy: These are by far my favorite pens right now just to write with around the house and my blogging, so I know for a fact that any teacher would just love them! I received a set of 8 vibrant colors that dries 3x faster with reduces smearing. The pens are fully wrapped with a comfort grip, which is great whether you write a little or a lot! These pens are available at select retailers, and in pack sizes from 1-14 pens. Expo Markers: These markers are really neat, I have never seen them before I got them for review! Nothing like your markers drying up or running out of ink, with these ink indicator markers, that will never happen again. There is a clear barrel at the end of the marker to show when you are running out of ink. Sharpie: I love sharpies, and what teacher wouldn’t? I mean they can be used literally for everything! The package I shared with our teacher is the 24 pack of ultra fine markers. Its a limited edition pack that includes 5 new neon colors.

I filled each of the cups with a couple markers/pens/expos from each pack and put the lid on, stuck in the straw just as I was making a drink. I has some extra space in the bottom of the cup to fill and threw in some candy like sweetarts, and tootsie rolls. They would also look great for holidays to fill with colored crinkle paper! When my son gave them their #teacherappriciationweek gifts they were so excited, he got big hugs and bigger smiles!!

About (taken from about section on Facebook page): Go teach!, formerly The Elmer’s Teacher Club, is an amazingly loud and incredibly proud new community created to inspire, empower, motivate and support educators like YOU!


May 4, 2017
by Nikki

Sesame Street Live 2017

Sesame Street Live




One of my favorite Live shows I have ever seen is Sesame Street. I grew up watching Elmo and Big Bird and now both my little ones are doing the same. I got the privileged of going to a show a few years ago with my now 5 year old. Now that my daughter is the same age as my son was when we went, I was super excited to be able to take her this year. She absolutely loves Elmo and Cookie Monster, so I knew that this surprise day date would be super fun! I think that I had more fun than she did singing and dancing along with her.




sky and daddy

Make a New Friend

The friends on Sesame Street all welcome Grover’s friend from India, Chamki. Throughout the whole show they show all of their cultural similarities and differences. I loved that they mixed cultural and taught the kids that even though you looked different you can still be friends. It was really fun because it taught the kids and I even learned some new things. I laughed a lot!! It was so amazing to see the movements that the characters were able to do in those big costumes. Just about every main character got to sing a song for/with Chamki. At the end Chamki got to sing and dance a song from India and it was the most beautiful scene ever! I can’t wait to take her back again next year, hopefully the other show “Elmo Makes Music” comes to our city.

Click HERE to check the schedule to see if Elmo is coming to a city near you!


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