April 25, 2015
by Lauren Mueller

About Time

About Time:

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Passionate About Protein

In 2008, fitness professional Sean Marszalek and food science expert Devenee Schumacher looked around at the growing number of protein supplement products, and didn’t like what they saw. Too many artificial ingredients, artificial sweeteners, inferior protein concentrates, and very few options for people with certain dietary restrictions such as diabetes. Frankly, Sean couldn’t find anything in the market that he could recommend to his health-conscious clients.

That’s when they decided, it’s About Time.

Sean and Devenee formed SDC Nutrition and launched the About Time brand of high quality whey protein isolate products. Through perseverance, refinement, and a fanatical belief in providing superior protein supplements for a healthy lifestyle, they have built a passionate and growing customer base across the world.


If you are interested in carrying About Time products, or a fitness professional who wants to provide your clients with superior whey protein, click here to get started.

About Time is the flagship brand of SDC Nutrition, based in Pittsburgh, PA. SDC Nutrition was founded by food and fitness experts Sean Marszalek and Devenee Schumacher
Protein Pancake Mix:
This review and a couple others I will be writing are about companies who provide protein supplement products. As many of you know I haven’t ever done these types of reviews. This is a little out of the box for me as I don’t normal write about said products but I couldn’t be happier to be doing this. The main reason for my interest in these kinds of products is because of my husband and trying to help him. Being out of the Army for sometime now he has gotten used to home life and relaxing. While he was in the Army if he wasn’t doing is job he was working out, on more then one occasion he went to the gym multiple times a day. Now that life has somewhat slowed down for him, he isn’t as fit or looking how he wants anymore. His current job is in Law Enforcement so he looking to better improve himself psychically for his job as well as himself. I mean he says its for me but he knows I love him just how is, there’s no surprise that my husband is a big guy. But lately he went from being solid to well not so solid and I can see he hates it so when started talking about going to the gym again I wanted to show my support in some way. I started changing the way I cooked and other things but I wanted to do more. I remembered back when he would send me a list of things to ship him on the occasion it would be protein items (bars, drink mix etc). I had no idea what they were or what they did but I would get them for him, granted he would have to send me a picture of exactly what he wanted because a couple times I would get/send the wrong thing (haha).
Now that is back at the gym I figured why not try some companies who offer these types of items. I began doing my research and found a few cool ones. I’m super stoked to be working with About Time and being able to try their Protein Pancakes. There is no denying that I was a little worried about eating them because well has anyone ever smelled some of the protein powders out there? They don’t smell all to appetizing but none the less I wait for it to arrive so I could give it a go, I knew my husband would love it because he’s has products in this category before.  Well the day came when they showed up at my front door as I walked the package to my kitchen I knew I was going to have to make these pancakes today prior to him going to the gym. When I opened the box I got a sweet super comfortable About Time tshirt (hubby is jealous lol), an About Time spatula and of course the About Time Protein Pancakes in Chocolate Chip & Cinnamon Spice blends. I’m all about anything that has chocolate in it so that made me trying it a little easier so I decided to make that one first. The directions are super easy to follow but I will say that it does say to use a griddle and I extremely highly recommend you do!
Being me and thinking that even though a direction says to use this I feel why not try the other alternative. In the About Time Protein Pancakes directions it says to use a griddle well me being me I said to myself “ehhh a pan will work, I regular pancakes that way so whats the difference?”. Yeah, don’t..just don’t do it in a pan. Use a griddle everyone don’t try making them in a pan. The first time I made them they came out horrible and it was all my fault, I mean my husband ate them but he even agreed this wasn’t one of my shining cooking moments. I was on a mission now to do it the right way by using the preferred cooking option About Time says to do. Here we go the second time, I get my griddle put it to the temperature it says and was hoping for the best. Using the griddle made a HUGE difference, my pancakes looked better and more importantly tasted amazing. I of course used the chocolate chip mix, I didn’t tell my kids these were different kinds of pancakes just said I was making them. When it was time to eat, everyone was loving them and not a single pancake was left. Being a chocolate lover myself I think there could have been some more chips in it but my husband said it was a good amount. We did try the cinnamon spice a couple days later and those were just as great.
Breakfast for my husband isn’t always in the morning, sometimes it’s before he leaves for work or during work. When he brings them during work I make them prior to and all he has to do is heat them up. These protein pancakes from About Time have become a staple in my husbands breakfast or snack time. These whole grain protein pancake mixes aren’t limited to just being made and served. Have fun with what you can put on it, we loved have fresh fruit on them and even a little powdered sugar (kids). So happy that my family and I could try these products, they taste amazing and are super simple to make. Not to mention my husband thinks I’m awesome and his buddies are jealous I get to work with amazing companies like this one!
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April 19, 2015
by Nikki

Beessential Skincare Review



About (taken from website): My family and I produce a full line of natural products – lip balm, soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion – that help our customers keep their skin and hair healthy the natural way. All products are made in the USA! But being a good corporate citizen isn’t just about using the Earth’s products wisely. So in addition to drawing from the world to make our natural skincare and hair products, we give back through our charitable arm,

Review: This amazing company is local to my hometown.  This natural skincare is all natural from a family farm out of Cleveland Ohio. Beessential is free of harsh chemicals like parabens, PEG and sulphatesand are also cruelty free. We got three products from Beessential; Body Wash, Foaming Hand Soap, and Hand and Body Cream. The body wash we received was moisturizing Lavender with Bergamot. This body wash soothes skin and senses, moisturizes, balances and calms, and it’s gentle. This body wash can be used either in the morning to start off peacefully or at night to wind down your day. When I get home from school or work, I’m always stressed out so I’ll use this body wash when I shower and the stress just washes away. I’ve had so much going on with my senior year, It’s extremely hard to find things to calm me down. This body wash really calms me down more than anything I’ve tried.

body wash


hand soap


The Foaming Hand Soap is also Lavender and Bergamot. Not only does it have a fresh scent, it also softens hands and gently cleanses. I put this in my bathroom and use it before I put in my contacts and whenever I need to wash my hands. Lastly, the Hand and Body Cream which keeps your skin radiant and soft. The silk proteins and beeswax seal in moisture with a non irritating all natural honey cream. After I shower, I use this cream and I feel so much better after being outside in the heat. The Beessential products are absolutely amazing and hydrating and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. You won’t regret getting these products.

Written by: Sierra Adams

April 19, 2015
by Nikki

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April 19, 2015
by Nikki

Marley Coffee Review






How many of you readers have heard about Marley coffee? If you’re like me then you probably only heard about the drinks.  Of course not being a fan of coffee, I never pay attention so while searching for different coffees for the boyfriend I came across this. Marley coffee has plenty of flavors to choose from the most popular being one love. You can also choose from whole bean, ground or even the k-cups.  Since he works in the morning and then has school during the evening he needs something. They also have subscriptions which you can choose from 1 to 4 bags or boxes monthly. If you end up getting 2 products or more it’s free shipping also enjoy 5% off when you subscribe. Wish coffee this wonderful I’m sure you won’t have a complaint.DSC00515

His favorite was the dark roast which was the Lively Up.  We received an 8 oz. Ground coffee bag of this, needless to say it didn’t last long. He only needed one cup of Lively Up since he usually fixes about 3 cups a day so this works out good.  We also received an 8 oz. Ground coffee of the popular One Love which is a medium roast.  The one love is the most popular out of all the Marley coffee. These coffees smelled wonderful. Which, of course, is the only thing I like about coffee unless it’s an iced coffee.DSC00516

I had a great experience with Marley coffee and would do business with them.  Some companies just had a rude customer service, but with this company they were wonderful. They even wrote me a note and put it in the box they sent. With the nice service I had from Marley coffee, I really would like to try the drink line.  I had to take a picture of the paper they wrapped the bags in just to show how amazing it was.  You have to get on the website and read how this company was started. It’s a very heartwarming story and thanks to Rohan Marley the son of Bob Marley we get to enjoy this wonderful product.myreviewtag