July 23, 2017
by Nikki

Rapid Brands for College Students

Rapid Brands for College Students



Being a college student getting ready to move out of my parents house to live on my own, the one struggle is how you’re going to feed yourself without going out for fast food or going to restaurants every day. After living in a dorm for a year my first year of college, I know how hard it can be to make food for myself in a small dorm; most people don’t want to go to the dorm kitchen to make their food on the stove or in the oven so they end up just having food they can make in the microwave or they go out and eat.


We got four different rapid cookers to try and we were very excited about all of them. The first one I had to try was the Rapid Ramen Cooker. Since I work a lot and don’t want to spend money every day on food at work, I bring my own food to make it easier. I brought the Ramen cooker in to try it and since then I’ve brought it a lot more. One heads up for each of these rapid cookers is that you may have to put it in for a minute or more after what the cooker says depending on your microwave. After the three minutes that the Ramen cooker said to put it in for, I had to put it in for another minute to cook the noodles completely and then it was ready to eat.


IMG_8192 (1)


The second cooker we tried was the Rapid Mac Cooker. The same thing happened with this one where we had to put it in for an extra minute. This cooker makes an entire box of Kraft mac and cheese in just a couple of minutes. The third rapid cooker we tried and were really excited about was the Betty Crocker Microwave Brownie Maker. This has a plastic piece on the inside to measure out your ingredients for a half a box of brownies and then you pour it all in the pan, stir it, and put it in the microwave. I did end up doing the toothpick test after the 3 1/2 minutes the package says but then put it back in for 2 more minutes until it was completely done. These were very fudgy and soft brownies and I know I’m going to be using it again. The fourth cooker was Minute Rice Microwave Cooker but since we aren’t really big rice eaters in this house, I am going to be bringing it with me when I move out because I know how hard it can be to cook rice on the stove correctly so to have this will be so helpful. I know I’m going to be using these a lot more often and will be looking for more Rapid cookers in the future!

About taken from website: Rapid Brands first debuted on Shark Tank in 2012 and is now the fastest growing microwave cookware company in the world. That’s why we take the time to carefully research and develop all of our products. Each one is specifically designed to perfectly cook your favorite foods with microwave speed and stove-top quality. Rapid Brands began in 2012 with local distribution in Sacramento, California, but our products can now be found all over the world including over 50,000 retail doors and over 1,100 college bookstores in the United States. Our products are perfect for busy parents, college students, or simply anyone looking to get back a little more time in their lives. 

July 23, 2017
by Nikki

Keep Germs at Bay This School Year with Purell

Keep Germs at Bay This School Year with Purell




One of the biggest struggles of kids going back to school is everyone catching the bug or bringing home some sort of germ. With little tiny children we try to teach them at young ages to wash their hands after going to the potty. And we also teach them to cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze. But do we teach them to wash their hands afterwards? And most of the time, honestly, they forget. Did you know that a sneeze can travel like 5 feet?! So, basically it can land on anything and when we touch an object throughout the day and tough our eyes, nose or mouth, we contract those germs. I always carry a small bottle of Purell with me on my purse or bag wherever I go, making sure to keep the kids and myself as germ-free as possible.

I always love getting products from Purell right before the school year because it gives me a chance to throw extras in with their bags, and even now their teachers are requiring a bottle of hand sanitizer from each student. With 4 kids and 3 in school we spend a lot of time through the year sick. I try to take a lot of extra percussion to keep from getting sick. This year they sent over 2 pouches of wipes, 2 spray sanitizers, 4 minis with jelly wraps and 1 pump.

Purell wipes are really great to have around to wipe off right before a meal or even to keep in your car to clean off if you have to stop at a port a pot and don’t have a way to clean your hands. I always have a pack in all our cars for a “just in case”. I really am in love with the new Purell Naturals spray. It is made from plant-based alcohol and fragranced from essential oils. All though it is all natural it still the same effectiveness as the normal Purell.


July 20, 2017
by Nikki
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My Real Earth Body Butter Giveaway

My Real Earth Body Butter Giveaway!

Would you like to know why My Real Earth is so amazing? Check out the full My Real Earth Review on littlecrunchy.com an earth friendly parenting blog. In summery, many of the skin care products in the United States contain things that we maybe wish they didn’t. Chemicals like QUATERNIUM 15, SELENIUM SULFIDE, PHTHALATES, PETROLEUM DISTILLATE, PARABENS, TRICLOSAN, BHA and BHT are just a few to look out for. It can be a lot to keep up with and it is something we should really care about. My Real Earth has done the research and wants to make sure you only put the best on your body, to keep what is in your body healthy!

My Real Earth Giveaway Whipped Body Butter Review

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July 19, 2017
by Nikki

The Cocoa Exchange BBQ Sauce

The Cocoa Exchange 




My family and I LOVE to eat BBQ sauce, like with everything from chips to chicken and everything in between! But, the one big problem with me is I am very picky with my sauces, I will only buy one particular one from the store and will only get BBQ chicken from one restaurant. Now, one particular thing I NEVER would have thought of doing was adding chocolate to BBQ sauce. The Cocoa Exchange has several different ones that I was able to try out with my family.

White Chocolate Habanero Hot Sauce: This sauce is made from fresh habanero peppers which are mashed into a puree. Then blended with a tangy vinegar, white chocolate for a sweet yet intense heat BBQ sauce. If you like a lot of heat in your sauce, this one is perfect for you!

Kansas City: This sauce is a perfect table sauce because its very lightly spiced. This is my favorite because I don’t like heat and I dip everything in BBQ.

Korean: This sauce is a great for grilling and also a marinade. This is a flavor-full  blend of soy sauce, dark chocolate and other spices.  This is great sauce for chicken.

Blackberry Chipotle Sauce: Advertised as a sauce to serve on the side or to serve with everything. This sweet sauce is made with sun-ripened blackberries, chipotle, peppers, and dark chocolate. This can also be used as a dressing for a salad.

Korean Honey BBQ Skewers

Korean Honey BBQ Skewers


¼ cup POD & BEAN


2 tbsp honey

1 lb sirloin steak (or your favorite protein)

¼ tsp Kosher salt

8 long wooden skewers, soaked at least 20 minutes

Non-stick spray

2 tbsp green onions, sliced thin

1 tsp sesame seeds, toasted



Combine POD & BEAN

KOREAN BBQ SAUCE and honey together in a small bowl.


Season steak with salt, slice thin and place on skewers.


Heat lightly oiled grill to medium heat. Add steak to the grill and co

ok for 2-3 minutes

on one side, turn and cook for 2-3 minutes more.


Brush the glaze on the steak, turn and brush on the remaining side.


Cook an additional minute or until meat is cooked to desired readiness.


Transfer to a platter, brush with any remaining glaze and top with s

esame seeds and


Avout (taken from website): Our passion for cocoa began over 100 years ago in the Mars family kitchen in Tacoma, Washington where Frank and Ethel Mars started a business selling their chocolate. Today, that family business has grown into Mars, Inc., producers of America’s favorite chocolate brands and the world’s largest chocolate company. Using our chocolate expertise, we bring cocoa to life in innovative, unexpected formats, curated for you, through THE COCOA EXCHANGE.