February 27, 2017
by Nikki

Hard Candy Metal Eyes

Hard Candy



IMG_3829 (1)

I have been a fan of Hard Candy since they became a hit sensation in the mid-late 9o’s with the first shade of polish. I remember becoming so obsessed with all the bold colors, the glitter, and how they dared to be so different than any other makeup company on the shelves. Now in my mid 30’s, I still love Hard Candy and my teenage daughter is now a huge fan. Being able to review for a product that I love and believe in so much is such an honor. I would like to share another really awesome product; Look Pro! Metal Eyes. Like all of Hard Candy products, it’s available at Walmart.

Hard Candy

Some people are really picky when it comes to eye shadow. Like my daughter likes her natural colors. Me, I have to be bold with bright colors. This really excited me when I got it 🙂 I comes with everything that you need for your eyes- the whole chrome eyeshadow kit. 4 highly pigmented  metallic shadows, dual-ended eyeshadow brush, small eyeliner, setting spray liquid, and the mixing well. Use the well and the liquid setting spray to choose the intensity of the metallic effect. If you don’t want a strong look at all, you don’t have to add the liquid setting spray you can just use it dry as a normal eyeshadow. I think that they are beautiful this way, too! Using the setting spray gives it more of a liquidy glittery look. The kit comes in a nice tin with a hinged lid easily stored in your makeup bag. Below are the 4 steps to applying the kit according to the back of the makeup:

  • STEP 1: Dip brush in eyeshadow.
  • STEP 2: Mix eyeshadow with mixing liquid,
  • STEP 3: Apply to eyelids.
  • STEP 4: Apply as eyeliner.

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February 26, 2017
by Nikki

Spatty Review


Spatty Logo copy 2


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One of the biggest issues I have with my purchases is how much product actually gets wasted and thrown out. I’m a big stickler on not liking to throw out food, I make sure there is no more toothpaste left in the tube and put water in the rest of the shampoo bottle to make sure it’s really gone. Waste not what not… right? You paid for your product, make sure you get it all. And I’m talking everything that you buy.. food, personal hygiene products and even your makeup and creams!   The Spatty has been designed to help you get every last drop of your products. After seeing this on Shark Tank I was so excited to give it a try and when I was able to review it, I was even more excited!

By using the Spatty you will pay for your new tools within the first use! 15-25% of products are left in containers because they are no longer easy to get out. The Extend your Beauty Cosmetic Tool comes with 2 tools that help you access the left over lotions, creams or any makeup. The Spatty tools are the perfect size to fit into your cosmetic openings. The spatula type ends help get deep into the corners, sides and bottom of the containers that you can’t reach. Once you get the product out you can transfer it onto the surface of your choosing; makeup sponge, your finger, or directly to your face. Each tool has a different size handle for those different size containers.

The Extend Your Beauty Cosmetic Tool is made of BPA free materials, FDA approved materials, and made in the USA. The tools are easy to clean, either you can throw it in the dishwasher or wash by hand with warm water and mild soap.


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February 21, 2017
by Nikki

SinfulColors Review

Sinful Colors



sinful colors

My 2 daughters and myself love to pamper each other by giving each other manis and pedis. I mean who wouldn’t really love that, plus a little mother/daughter bonding time? There are a few little holiday’s coming up and I always get my kids something small even for Valentine’s Day and I decided that SinfulColors Nail Polish was the perfect little treat. I fell in love with the beautiful colors and knew that she would also.

4 amazing spring colors came in a clear zipper pouch. All of the colors that I received are shades from the Kandee Johnson collections. Kandee takes modern colors and puts a vintage twist on them. I love all of the different colors, patterns, and shades!


Kiss Goodnight

Heart of Gold (gold glitter)


Kandee Pink (pink glitter)

I absolutely love the fact that SinfulColors are so affordable so that we can keep “collecting” all of Kandee’s colors and collections. My girls and I have so many different polishes and I really think that we have found our new favorite go to polish. We love that there are so many colors to choose from for all different walks of life. All three of us girls have different tastes in colors that we wear on our polishes, so it’s nice that there is such a wide variety. I like my purples and pinks and that’s what I put on my 2 year old usually with some glitter since she is so little and my oldest daughter usually picks teals and blues; or whatever fancies her moods.  All of the colors that we received paired up together for great designs. Click HERE for other great ideas.

About (taken from website): Our story starts in 1991, when a team of visionary beauty experts developed SinfulColors for professional beauty stores. Their ability to anticipate the next “now” colors made an instant splash. In no time, SinfulColors spread its on-trend color appeal through retail stores and across the country. With vivid shades that pop, wow, flatter and inspire. In cream, glitter, shimmer and matte, and in formulas you want that provide full color coverage. All made in the USA, with the quality you expect from a leading nail brand, without formaldehyde, toluene and DBP.


February 21, 2017
by Nikki

Spikeyy Vertiplay by Oribel





I live in a really small apartment for how many people and belongings we all have here. We have kids doubling up in rooms. And I will tell you what there are literally toys all over the place! I have a walk-in closet full of toys and games for my 2 youngest (2 and 5 years old) plus toys in rooms and living room. Oribel has designed toys for infants and toddlers to help parents get those toys up off the floor and able to play with them vertically on the walls or doors. Introducing Vertiplay Wall Toys: Door Knocker Spikeyy.

Spikeyy here is a door knocker which teaches your little ones to knock on the door before entering. Which I have a problem with my 5 year old so this will come in handy teaching my 2 year old. I have installed this (which was super simple) on our bathroom door. She still doesn’t quite get the gist of “knocking” with her knuckles so tapping this with the tip of her fingers still made the knocking sound that we were trying to achieve. We are really close to potty training and she really likes to use the big potty better and we are trying to get her to knock or “call” when she needs to potty. Its loud enough that everyone in the apartment is able to hear and come help her, even at nighttime. Spikeyy is a really cute child-friendly character (also available in 2 other animals). Spikeyy was very easy to place on the door, by peeling the sticker off and placing. You must wait a while so it can “cure”. If you don’t want to use your door knocker for this purpose, it also makes a fun musical instrument. That’s what my little ones did until I placed it on the door.

About (taken from website): Oribel is a combination of “Ori” from Original and “bel” from Belle meaning beauty. The brand is created with a belief that original ideas and aesthetics belong together. Here at Oribel, we understand that while parenthood is an exciting journey, it is daunting at the same time. Through our original and innovative products, we aim to deliver solutions to make parenting days more enjoyable.

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