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Butterscotch, Peppermint & Key Lime Snaps:

First off let me start with YUM! This snaps from Flathau’s Fine Foods are simply amazing and make a  wonderful treat at the end of a hard day or anytime really (lol). These gourmet cookies are probably the best shortbread’s I have ever had, they are soft but offer a great crunch. The 3 snap flavors I wanted to try are Butterscotch, Peppermint & Key Lime, these are all flavors that I know my family would enjoy. To no avail I was correct and everyone can’t get enough of these cookies. On the packaging it says these have a candy crunch with that thought now in my head I was worried that it would be stuck to my teeth kind of candy crunch. I couldn’t have been more wrong, now that I think of it I’m wrong a lot when I try to new companies (lol). It’s always like my initial thought or worry is never validated because companies like Flathau’s Fine Foods are amazing at what they do. Anyway! Back to these cookies!!


First off Flathau’s Fine Foods has been featured on Food Networks show Unwrapped…I’m pretty sure everyone has seen that show. It’s the one that is hosted by the guy who used to host Double Dare on Nickelodeon, if you don’t remember that show then boy I feel old. Beside being featured on Unwrapped they have won other awards and now after trying them I can see why. Like normal prior to trying the cookies I had to take pictures so I hope you enjoy but once that was done it was time to decide which one to try. The decision was easier then normal because both kids were in bed so it was left to my husband and I. We debated over Butterscotch and Key Lime for a couple minutes but ended up with choosing Butterscotch to try first. Like any good wife I had my husband try it first I mean he’s the perfect person to taste test first, he’s eaten a good amount questionable foods while he was in the Army (lol). Yes, I get its a cookie but still I always have him try things first. His first response was “wow” which was followed by “You don’t like Butterscotch all that much right?” ohh and he was slowly walking away with the cookies from me (haha). I laughed and he handed them over my first bite told it all, it hit every taste bud and had me wanting more. The cookies aren’t that big so you can just pop the whole thing in your mouth like my husband did but I preferred taking a bite, if you do it that way you will get 2 bites. Like I said before it was crunchy but soft at the same time, it was simply perfect between the flavor and cookie combination.


After having a couple Butterscotch Snaps it was time for Key Lime and Peppermint. Once again these gourmet cookies hit the nail on the head with it’s flavor and texture. For the Butterscotch and Peppermint the flavoring was just enough and perfect but I feel the Key Lime could had a little more flavor. My husband said it was perfect while I wanted more of the Lime flavoring but no one is the same so you all will have to try it and let me know what you think! Flathau’s Fine Foods offers Cinnamon, Raspberry, Lemon and Plain snaps as well as the Butterscotch, Key Lime and Peppermint flavors. They have Cheese Straws too, I have no idea what they are but they sound good and something my husband would enjoy! In there description they are said to be a  Favorite Southern Snack with a hint of Chipotle, if you have heard about these please comment below and let me know! I love all of the shortbread cookies from Flathau’s Fine Foods and once my kids were able to try them they love them too! My daughter even asked if she could have them in her lunch box for school, I of course said yes. I mean how could I not? If this is the first time your hearing of this company and the products they provide just scroll up and click there website link. You can look and shop around on their site also keep an eye out because a little birdies told me that we here at Her 3 Little Thinkers have a Snap Pack to giveaway! This includes 4, 4oz packages of Butterscotch (1), Peppermint (1), Raspberry (1) and Key Lime (1) snaps! Thanks for reading my review!

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  1. Yummy! These sound delicious, I would love to try the butterscotch first.

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  4. This sounds yummy

  5. These sound amazing. Especially key lime, my favorite.

  6. The butterscotch sounds too wonderful!

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