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The Masked Singer – Alien Week 2


Alien- Week 2

Alien Clues:

  • In her family, anonymity is an alien concept
  • 5 aliens
  • Grew up in the public’s eye
  • Let others define her
  • Won’t let anyone control her again
  • “I see you but you can’t see me”
  • The world gets to hear her voice on her terms
  • May have psychic abilities
  • It hurt to hear the judges comments
  • The anonymity made her feel like a young child before the world knew her family’s name
  • Snake
  • “You may think I’m out of fashion”
  • “Here to rise above all that”
  • She’s a whiz at interplanetary travel.


  • ‘Feel It Still’ by Portugal the Man
  • “Lovefool” by The Cardigans


  • 5’5″

Clue from the Judges:

  • She has many sisters
  • “I’m a quadruple threat”
  • “I’ve recorded many things”

Our Guesses:

LaToya Jackson:

  • LaToya grew up in the public’s eye because she came from an extremely famous family. The five aliens could represent the Jackson 5. She could be doing this show to show people that she can sing and not compare her to her family. Her voice also sounds extremely similar. LaToya is also a spokesperson for the Psychic Friends Network. The comments may have hurt her because she has recorded many things like songs and videos professionally. LaToya was a very young child when her family got famous and the Jacksons are one of the most famous families in Hollywood. LaToya is also a quadruple threat because she is a singer, songwriter, actress, and business woman. Latoya Jackson traveled with her brother Michael to New York when he was in ‘The Wiz.’

The Internet’s Best Guesses:

  • Kendall Jenner
  • Lindsay Lohan
  • Toni Braxton
  • Paris Jackson
  • Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen
  • Elizabeth Olsen
  • Julienne Hough
  • Heidi Klum

What do you think of our guess? Did we miss any clues that you picked up on? Leave me a comment 🙂 * Nikki & Sierra

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