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The Doll House Project


The Doll House Project

     For a few months now I have been in a sort of a funk, I haven’t been able to blog or anything. I feel like something in my life has been missing, like I just needed a project to keep my mind busy. Within those few months, one of my daughters also wanted to get into the 18″ dolls. So I took her to Walmart and bought her her first My Life doll with cute blonde hair just like hers. Being the mom I am, once my kids start liking something I start searching for everything to do with that toy. I took to the internet and facebook market to get her furniture and accessories. I happened to come across a used dollhouse that I kept my eye on for about 3 week and they lowered  the price 3 times. When I finally purchased it and for only $50! It was heavy and over 6 feet tall so I sent my oldest son and his buddy out to pick it up for us.

After struggling to bring this home, I was super disappointed. The whole house was made from particle board when they told me it was made of wood. The windows and door frames were falling out (the door was over cut into the wall when they were cutting it out). The “roof” came off when they were moving it. The back of the house was falling off, and all the rooms aren’t even square. Yes, I was pissed. My 3.5 year old was so excited so I made it my project to do a doll house makeover and repaint, re-floor, and refinish the whole house. She doesn’t have any furniture yet, so we will slowly be getting stuff as we have the money and having fun remodeling her house together.

Be sure to follow me as I continue with my Doll House Project.

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