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Stuff Happens Card Game



My family and I love to play games. We will either go buy a new one or play an old one we already have. I have reviewed several games from Goliath previously, but they have sent me a new one recently. Stuff Happens and Stuff Happens: Parenting Edition. It was a lot of fun to play and get to know what your family thinks is worse than another.

Stuff Happens is a interesting but super fun card game. You must rank the cards based on what card is worse than the pile in front of you. Each card is given a ranking from 0-100 according to their misery index. Each player (2+ players), gets 3 random card dealt at the beginning. Cards get ranked at the beginning. Take turns reading new cards to try and guess where their card is ranked. If you miss it, it goes to the next person to guess. In the photo below I picked 4 cards (out of the Parenting Edition) So take my random card I picked; Go Out of Town; Kids Throw a Party. The next player has to first decide if it better or worse than my cards in front of them. Then I have to guess if it is between 53.6 and 78.1- In my mind throwing a party after mom and dad leave is pretty bad. So they were right with what they picked!! The misery index of this card is 60.1. The guesser gets to keep that card and put it where it belongs. First player to correctly guess 10 right wins the whole game.

Each box can be played as a single game or mix the decks for an even wild ride! Each box comes with 200 situational cards. Great fun for the whole family (ages 13+). Sold exclusively at Walmart!

About (taken from website): Goliath Games was established in 1980, and remains one of the few family-owned and run businesses in the world of toys and games.

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