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Starfrit Lock&Lock Easy Match 16-piece set




 I have a big family (5 kids plus a family member staying with us too) so not only do I have a lot of lunches to pack, but I store a lot of fruit and veggies already to grab n’ go. It’s important for me to have really good food containers so that I don’t waste any. I can’t afford to waste any money with cheap food containers. Starfrit sent me a 16 piece Lock & Lock Easy Match Set. These containers let me pack away any of the leftovers we have so that the kids can take it to school or my husband can take it to work.

In my home, being able to keep our leftovers in the fridge is very important; with as many people as we have, it’s hard to cook all the time so there are days when we just grab something from the fridge and throw it in the microwave, The Starfrit 16 piece Lock & Lock Easy Match Set, I don’t have to worry about the lids coming off in the fridge or in lunch bags to make a huge mess that mom has to clean up. These storage containers are sturdy and very easy to clean. They can be put in the freezer, microwave, or dishwasher and they’re totally safe. 

Another problem I have with all our storage containers is that they are always just put in the cabinet so when you are trying to find a lid that matches the bowl, it’s always a struggle. With the Starfrit Lock & Lock Easy Match Set, each lid and bowl are color coded so you just look for the same color dot and it’s as easy as that! I have tried a lot of different types of containers but these are the best! I know I will be telling all of my mommy friends about these and how great they are!

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Author: Nikki

My name is Nikki. I am a stay at home mom of 4. My oldest is getting ready to head off to college, the other almost in high school. We have 2 little ones also 3 years old and a newborn. I have a passion for writing and I love doing reviews to help other moms like me find the right stuff for my family.


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  2. These look like excellent products. I use containers a whole lot too.

  3. I think I would use the sand which size square container the most but honestly I love that the lid and the container are color code

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