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Ripley’s Believe It or Not! 100 Best Bions (Believe It or Not Story’s


I have been working with Ripley’s Believe It or Not for several years and it turned into an anticipation for my kids and myself in the fall what the new book will hold. We love to go through it and see all the weird, cooky and crazy talents and quirks people have. I’ve never thought about collecting these books until I started blogging, but I watched the t.v show when Dean Cain used to host it in the early 2000’s. I have even started to get into the new series on the Travel Channel.

Ripley’s recently reached out to me because they have been collecting everything “odd” for over 100 years. They came up with Ripley’s Believe It or Not 100 Best Bions. They are the most popular stories that Ripley has featured over the last century. There are stories from his cartoons, tv shows, odditorium exhibits, and more. I will go through each chapter and point out our favorites from my household.

1- Classics: Double Vision-Liu Ch’uncg, a Governor of China and Minister of State in 995 A.D. had been born with double pupils in each eye. No one yet knows why this condition exists, or how. But others throughout History have been recorded to have this rare condition also.

2- People: Zelma George-I chose this one not only for it’s creativity and awesomenesss… but the woman is from the same city I was born and raised in; Canton, Ohio. Zelma George was very talented and had the ability to write forward and backward. She could also write upside down and upside down backward! On top of all that she could combine all them and write 2 sentences with each hand in any combination simultaneously.

3- Animals: This may sound odd coming from a mommy but having a bearded dragon, I have to feed her worms so I have actually learned a lot about different types over the last year. This story was from 2009 an American naturalist Stephen Hopkins found a 5 foot earth worm under a rotten log in Sumaco Volcano in Ecuador.

4-World- No Cheese, Please- Casu Marzu is a gourmet Cheese tradition on an island in Italy. Cheese is eaten to encourage the growth of bacteria. But this cheese isn’t ready to eat until it is fully infested with maggot larvae of the cheese fly.

5-Exhibits- Art Beyond Sight- Mark Shoesmith of New York created clay busts of people simply by touching their face.

While I only chose one snippet from each category or chapter, I had really enjoyed the entire book. I found myself going “ooh” “wow!” “no way?!” If you purchase this book, I hope that you like it as much as we do.

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