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Guard Your ID Stamps

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Guard Your ID Stamps





I am really big on recycling my paper, plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Now, the biggest issue that I have is when I know that I put my recycled paper where it goes, it’s actually being sorted by hand and usually by students at a DH center on a work program. The last thing that I want is ANY of my personal information where someone (anyone) can get a hold of and use for a bad reason. I try my hardest to rip it up, cut it or even black out my information with a sharpie, but that isn’t always fool proof when your blacking out printer ink or something similar. So, that’s where I am happy that I was able to find Guard Your ID Stamps! They have really taken a toll off my stress level worrying if someone was going to find out our families personals information.  The stamp is made up of a bunch of letter all different ways. Now, on the website it does state that it may not conceal all the data completely. So I learned to just go over it in both directions (as you can see in the photo above that it didn’t cover 100% but did a better job that a black sharpie or marker). I received 3 different stamps, and I just love them all!

Guard Your ID Roller– I received in lime green, but available in 5 colors to fit your needs. This roller is great for coverage of larger areas. Refills are available for purchase.

Guard Your ID Roller Advanced Roller– I received in blue, but it is available in 6 colors. This roller is great for masking information on glossy paper and labels. Great for covering personal information on prescription bottles. The stamper has a completely secure lid so there is no accidents with the ink getting on something that it shouldn’t be on. The stamper doesn’t have refills available, so just toss it when the ink is gone!

Guard Your ID Medium Stamp– I got this stamp in purple which is my favorite color. Comes in so many different colors and patterns. I like that if you have an address to cover up you can just stamp over it. Easy peasy! This stamp is refillable and available on the website. I also received an extra plate in flowers to change out if I choose to.

About (taken from Facebook): Creator of Guard Your ID Stamps and Rollers…protecting your private information one stamp at a time.

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