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Hi 🙂 My name is Nikki. I wanted to share a little bit about myself and how I came about blogging. It started off when one of my recipes became a HUGE hit on a blog. They kept asking for more! S o one of my friends said, Nikki! You need to start your own blog. It was may, laid up after I broke my leg and had surgery on it. So I did it. 5 months later and its FINALLY getting off the ground. I am becoming more and more comfortable with it. I want to explain a little about what to expect. I will always have reviews and giveaways to promote. My daughter Sierra just got a car and is driving, so for her to earn a little cash she has joined on to help mom! She will be mostly working on book reviews “Sierra’s Library”. It will feature a range from kids books to adult. I would also love for you all to submit me your recipes her3littlethinkers@gmail.com. Submit your name and a picture so I can let the world know where it came from. Thanks for being my fans and remember to like me on facebook and follow on twitter!


Author: Nikki

My name is Nikki. I am a stay at home mom of 4. My oldest is getting ready to head off to college, the other almost in high school. We have 2 little ones also 3 years old and a newborn. I have a passion for writing and I love doing reviews to help other moms like me find the right stuff for my family.

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